Year 2 Week Zero – Part 2

Week Zero – Projects

“A Tv Show to educate Boys…” this was the brief my team and I were given to solve.


We had many conceptualized ideas for this project, all of which were very good. We had been given this project by a previous team who had previously had to  ideate the same problem. We looked to their post-it notes as a source of influence to our own conceptual ideas.  We could see by their notes that they had only been discussing TV shows aimed for a younger audience.

This was the first thing my team mates and I did not want to repeat, so, we decided to discuss ways of aging the TV show for an older age group. Our ideas varied from games shows that would be shown on various interactive and online services.

To name a few…

1. A show about shrinking young boys and having them challenge against insects. This show would further educate boys about the life of an insect and therefore teaching them fun facts, as they battled there way through an invasion of an insect army, inside a “Gladiator” battle arena.

2. Survival Guide for Boys, this was a show that taught boys how to survive in tough conditions. The show would challenge their abilities to tackle some difficult survival tasks. Each would compete against the other to win the prize. Along the way each would have not only to confront difficult athletic challenges, there would also be clues to discover and in these clues would be questions based on fact that the boys would have to answer correctly to proceed to the next stage of the game.

3. (then, we decided to go much older in our conceptualization) We began to discuss about an interactive online site that would be used to help elderly men who struggled living on their own and could not coupe with the simplest of tasks. This was the first step toward what became our idea for the O.A.P. SURVIVAL GAMES. A game show experience that brought together elderly men from many parts of the world to be challenge against each other in a set of 4 vs 4 tag team race.

IMG_2607 IMG_2618 IMG_2617 IMG_2616 IMG_2615 IMG_2614 IMG_2613 IMG_2612 IMG_2611 IMG_2610 IMG_2609 IMG_2608

What the stakes are in the O.A.P. SURVIVAL GAMES?

Each player will be placed in a team of 4, within their team they will race against the opponent time to win the prizes of their choosing at the end of the game. The stage is set up similar to that of a dolls house, so that the front half of the house is open to the audience, there are two levels – the down stairs level (living room, dinning room, kitchen) and the upstairs level (bedroom and bathroom).

Players begin as they would on a normal day, they start in the bedroom and their challenge is to then find there false teeth: this is the first task. Once the first team member has completed this challenge, he tags his next partner and it is a race down stairs to the kitchen: this is the second challenge. Once in the kitchen the second member will tag his third member and their challenge is to make a cup of tea: this is the third challenge. After they have done this it is of to the living room to tag the next team member (fourth). The challenge in the living room, is to sit on their chairs and it is a race to see who can get up first and retrieve their walking stick. Then tag the next team member (First again), whose job is then to try and put on  the TV. Once this is achieved it is off to the dinning room to next team member (second) whose job is to type his name on the computer. The final challenge is to the last team member to race up the stairs and in to bed before the other team’s member does. The first team mate to get into bed and hit the alarm clock is the winner.



For these concepts we research various game shows that actually exist or did exist years ago. Below is some references to those inspirations…

Below are some other inspirations we found for the challenges of the O.A.P. SURVIVAL GAMES.

10699101_970198193006187_1425575697_n 10708217_970198183006188_962314135_n 10711311_970198169672856_1495910955_n


My Previous Team Work

Before I had swapped teams, my old team had been given a brief: “Interactive mobile game to educate boys.”

This brief had been developed by another previous team, we began by looking at some of the ideas they had from their post-it notes and found some intriguing inspirations that we found interesting and we were keen to use and develop. Unfortunately I was not in this team very long, there were some interesting developments in progress before I was swapped. One of which was an interactive gaming experience that educated young boys about historical figures.

It was a game which boys could collect cards (AR Cards), similar to a Pokemon cards/game format. The player would need to buy these cards and using mobile device, in the game they would battle famous historical heroes with historical villains. Since our inspiration involved elements of history we decided that there would be fun facts added to the challenges and these facts would have to be answered correctly in order to proceed to the next level.

IMG_2606 IMG_2605 IMG_2604 IMG_2602


AR Cards

What are AR Cards?

AR Cards

Every Nintendo 3DS system comes packed with six AR Cards. Launch the built-in AR Games™ application and place an AR Card on a flat surface, and, looking through your Nintendo 3DS Camera, you’ll see characters and game content appearing right on your kitchen table, your backyard patio, or anywhere else that you can think of. Pull out the Mario™ card to see everyone’s favorite Nintendo® hero, or use the Question Block card to pose and take 3D photos with your Mii™ character, or play a number of exciting built-in games. (via –

My First Project

My first project was with the same team, our brief was to create a “Tv Series for children” the story plot we were given was “One day a (“child”) walked out of the house and down the street and then….”

This sentence was our starting point, and we began by discussing this sentence and what it meant. We finally began using post-it notes. We listed various children’s tv shows that existed for preschool and young adults. Our preferred idea was a story we had created about a young girl in a post-apocalyptic world. In this world was an organisation called the “Umbrella Corporation”, whom had infected humans with a virus/bug that turned them into zombies; but not just ordinary zombies, these zombies had pets (kind of similar to Pokemon animals), and the zombies were the good guys. The zombies in this world had feelings and were trying to fight against the humans that sought to destroy them. Our young zombie protagonist was a young girl, and she discovers that the Umberella company had actually been developing a cure; something she has been fighting to find for a long time. The corporation she thought to be evil, seeking to destroy and control, actually turned out to wanting the same things as the rest of the zombies; but due to their fears, this drift the to colonies apart.

This was as far as we got for this project, we were then changed to a different team’s project.

Here are some reference/inspirations we took for our story…








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