Week Zero


In Week Zero of BDes Hons Animation, we were set the task of working within groups of three and four; these groups were to be a mixed selection of two first years and two second years. Our course director set a challenge for the teams to have created a product for a select theme.

The purpose of this task was to develop an understanding of community and share space; to interact with team members and produce a body of work that demonstrated our perseverance of ideas, communication and interactive skills; an entirely different approach to the other courses of the University of Ulster.
An interesting element to the task was the constant changing of teams and project themes. I contributed to four of the following: Mobile Gaming, Population Discharge, Toy Manufacturing and Mobile Gaming. The last one I ended up developing a finalized product that could be suitable for shipping and purchased through download/ WiFi connection subscription.

The team and I managed to narrow down one finalized idea, from the other ideas generated throughout other interactive teams (that prior on the project). We developed a product for a mobile game/app that could be connected through WiFi and used a recognition system that could locate (eye iris, face and fingerprints, etc.). This would act as an identifying system; therefore, by logging in to the game, the player would only get access by the recognition system scanning their eye, etc., it also helped players to located friends and opponents, through a online status that would give score points/charts, leader boards and updates/status on other players of the game.

65f98-img_0088-copy cb0a4-img_0086-copy 29e0b-img_0089-copy 09f3e-img_0082-copy 4fd84-img_0090-copy 4d1b3-img_0080-copy 4a422-img_0085-copy bc6e3-img_0091-copy

The basis of the ideas were manage through post-notes; teams voted for the best contributing ideas and we managed around their opinions and advice, to how we could make the perfect mobile game that involved a lot of activity. Some of our ideas involved device that would work as a product for the game; we narrowed most of these ideas down to two main products for the game. An interactive experience online and an active portable device game.


The main aspect of the game we researched was: What a recognition system was? and What it was used for? What we discovered was that a recognition system was a identifying system that identified (criminals,etc.). We also found that its main use is in security cameras. The Next step was to conceptualise our research and ideas. The team created some interesting pieces of concept art for this product that stood out and looked very believable as a game.


The first thing we thought about was the icon for this game; we wanted something that would capture purchaser of the game. There were three main concept designs we developed; we thought of a product name which was “BULLSEYE”, we thought this fit to the main aspects of the game. So, obviously the image for the icon became a target symbol; we first thought of this as a possible starting point, then we managed to take that idea and use a real eye with the symbols found on a bullseye target.

baf6e-bullseye2 - Copy  f11a3-bullseyeprojectdesign2

The next element we developed for the game was the menu page. There were four main concepts for this development of the menu/status page. The final one look more like a finalised design for the menu, and was a relatively simple design, that worked well and had appeal.

108f5-designconcept  aad19-design2   c577d-menuscreenbullseyeapp2

The final process of the development for the game’s concept was the actual, overall look of the game. This basically, mapped out the whole design and aspects of the ideas we (the team) had developed. It was a way to explain what our app would look like, once played. I think this final image really explains the whole main idea of the game beautifully.

By the end of the development of the game, I think the team had a profound understanding and interest in this finalized idea. Our final task was to present those finalized ideas to the whole class, (as a Prezi presentation); this would be our chance to sell our product to an audience, and really state that our product worked, had amazing appeal and was something people would want to have/play.

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