Research Information: Matte Painting and Environments

(Notes/Infromation taken from: Matte Painting and Environments book)

Rig Removal and (information found on these sites.)

Rig Removal is used to remove wires and rigs from shots during filming. Rig Removal is a simple solution/ form of technique that is based on finding a clean frame from some other point of a particular clip and pasting over the top, erasing an offensive rig or wire, that is not needed in the shot.

(above image taken from:

(image taken from:

(image taken from:

(image taken from:

Above are a few very different examples of how rig removal is used in post-production.

It is the job of the VFX department to erase these wire and rigs that were used to support the stunt doubles or actor within the shot. Their job is to paint over the frame and give it an interesting setting for the scene, or to apply any CGI creature animation or character animations to the frames.

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Rigging is the “Rigger’s” job to place a series of joints to any particular character, and create controls so that that character or creature can move, these rigs are then transferred over to the animator whose job is to animated the rig and give it life.

Creature Effects

Information was taken from:

Creature Effects are basically the make-up/ SFX (Special Effects) department for CGI, it is there job to specialize in the manufacturing and application of prosthetics, special make-up effects and creatures for the film.

(image taken from:

(images above taken from:


Composting is the combination of images within a scene, it is a technique that use visual elements from separate sources into a single image, creating an illusion that all those elements exist within the same scene.

3D Compositing

3D Compositing is the advanced version of compositing, in that it uses the computer to create virtual environments and worlds. In 3D compositing, the Compositor can virtually create thousands of extras within a scene (e.g. Lord of the Rings Battle sequences), something that was a very difficult thing to do back in the early days of filming, as a director would have to find some local volunteer extras, this would therefore be costly to production; which now-a-days is not so much of a problem.

Multi Layer Compositing

Multi Layer Compositing is basically layering images to create a 3D effect, this will allow the audience feel immersed within a shot.

Pipeline Production

The Pipeline Production is the record of the work of each artist involved within a production.

Videos – Show Reels and Tutorials

Internet Resources/Information

Matte Painting Show Reels and  Artists

Jason Stambollian

Allan Lee

Mike Stoliarov

Davide Binnello

Gaetan Borneuf


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