Last week we were also told to find and read this book (above). I have been reading it and have found it to be an exceptionally good read, one that is inspirational and has a very heart-warming, happy-go-lucky attitude to dealing with life. Some of the experiences the author mentions about himself help to get the read to follow what a particular chapter is trying to teach.

There are also some very nice stories that go along with about other people either historical or not and it really helps paint a picture of the problems people face when dealing with others of their own species. I am only just beginning this book and have managed to read three chapter and am now in the second section (part 2).

I have been highly recommend this book to everyone I know, and to whomever reads this post you should buy it too.


Popeye – CGI Animation Test (Feature Film)


Last week a sneak peek at the new feature film Popeye, in development by Sony Pictures Animation; director Genndy Tartakovsky plans to develop Popeye as a newly revived CGI animated feature film in what he hopes will bring the beloved character to a new younger generation of cinema audience.

In this sneak peek we don’t get an official look at a scene from the movie, instead we are given a glimpse of how Tartakovsky plans to develop the movie’s design and how the animation will perform on screen.

I really enjoyed watching this animated short for what I hope will be how the final version will look in the years to come. However, there was some elements I was not keen with. When I first saw a still shot from a scene of this short, (it was of Popeye’s face) when I first looked at this image I wasn’t “ahh! Yes! A CGI Popeye movie…” Rather what I was thinking was “Oh boy, what have they done.” So out of curiosity I watch the clip and was immediately blown away by the animation. It really reminded me of the old classic Popeye 2D animated cartoon of back in the day.

Olive’s character, her facial expression are what I would have expected from this character. Big, expressive, overly dramatic and it was nice to see that the slapstick humour, was transitioned nicely into the CGI.

As I re-watched the clip other elements about the character of Popeye began to catch my eye, and I started questioning the design of Popeye: 1. No pipe. 2. No anchor tattos. and 3. (the most ridicules of all ) Rapper/hip-hop clothes.

When you look at the original Popeye he has baggy jeans and wears a black shirt, but here in CGI it kind of looks a bit ridiculous, in that it’s trying to modernize the character a little too much. It takes apart some materials of his clothes that would be vital to identify him as a sailor. It Just makes me feel like the character doesn’t really fit with in the stage set up. The only thing that I can identify him as a sailor is his hat.

But hey, it is still early days and this short is not meant to be a finalized scene for the feature film only a clip to show how it will be when it hits theatres in 2016. Overall, I still thoroughly enjoy it mood and humour. So I am excited for the film and can’t wait to see it in the future.

(Classic Popeye – above)


(Vimeo Link, Submitted animation)

This was a competition I have entered during the summer August/September 2014. The competition is by Loopdeloop, the task was to create an animation loop 1280 x 720, (in either .mov, Gif, or SWF file format), you were also asked to upload your video to Vimeo and give a link to you Vimeo page.

Loopdeloop is a BI-monthly competition. The theme for this August/September were “CHILDHOOD”, the duration of your piece was up to you, it could be as long or as short as a few frames.

“Selected loops will be posted within five days of submission for everyone to enjoy, comment and rate. All posted loops will screen at Loop in Melbourne on Tuesday September 29th from 8:00pm, at Nickelodeon studios in L.A on Friday October 3rd (more details TBA), Adelaide TBA & Sydney TBA. Submissions close at 11:30pm on the 21st of September 2014 in your timezone.” (via –

If you haven’t heard about Loopdeloop here is a “About Us” tab below that will take you to their website or you can read the information also from the site as shown below.

(Information via –

Vist the LOOPDELOOP website and have a look at the animations posted there are some very good entries.

“Another thing that freaks me out is time. Time is like a book. You have a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s just a cycle.”
Mike Tyson

Who better to define animated loops than Iron Mike, former heavyweight champion of the world. And he’s right, time is just a cycle, a cycle which we challenge you to control, trapping it in a continuous feedback loop for all eternity.

Afraid? You should be…


LoopdeLoop is an animation challenge. Each month, animators from around the world create looping animations based on a given topic and upload them to On the last Tuesday of the month all of the posted loops are compiled and screened to a live audience at Loop in Melbourne, Australia. During the screening a winner is declared, who enters the hall of fame and has their loop featured throughout the following month.


In the beginning there was The Animation Club’s Secret Handshake event, and life was good. A monthly animation night organised by the wonderful Sarah Phillips and hosted by esteemed entertainer James Hazelden, the Secret Handshake screenings were a guaranteed great night out.

The screenings were fun, and encouraged local animators to create a new short animation to a set theme each month. They gave students and professionals alike an opportunity to have their work projected in front of a live audience and to experiment with new techniques.


Following in the footsteps of Secret Handshake, LoopdeLoop gives animators an opportunity to network internationally through our blog and to rub shoulders locally with fellow animators at the monthly screening in Melbourne, Australia. Our goal is to connect people working in independent animation and ease the feelings of isolation that can come with the notoriously long hours involved in the creation of their work.

Rather than short films which can quickly balloon into daunting, all encompassing projects, we’ve opted to be a monthly showcase of animated loops. The idea behind this is to make creating work for the project more achievable and fun, much less intimidating than having to plan and execute a full animated narrative.

Looping animations are a great challenge to create, because they force you to refine an idea into a tiny nugget and pack a lot of time and effort into a short sequence of images. When executed well, the resulting loop is an engaging sequence which flows seamlessly and stands up to repeated viewings.

Loops are uploaded to the blog regularly so there’s always new content to view and vote upon. At the end of each month our committee will decide on two finalists based on their quality and popularity on the blog, from which the audience will select the winner on the night of the screening. The winner will then have their loop featured for the following month and both them and the runner up will receive a prize!


In the interests of quality control, once submitted each loop will need to pass an initial judgement by our committee before appearing on the blog. This ensures that all posted loops are engaging, well animated, submitted correctly (in one of the specified formats), and run in a continuous loop.

Please note Loop De Loop is a non profit blog/event, run solely in the interest of good times and great memories. Everyone involved in the project is donating their time and expertise, and any money donated to LoopdeLoop@Loop goes back into the business, paying for server space, our mystical prize collection, and any other expenses.

Our highly qualified team are as follows;

Freelance illustrator, Lecturer and ex president of Illustrators Australia, Daniel has a keen eye for style and technique, and his knowledge of superheroes is so thorough that it’s a little disturbing.

A graphic designer, currently working at The Blue Vapours Creative Bureau, Simone is a multi skilled design professional with an eye for detail and the ridiculous things that make human beings so damned interesting.

Student, award winning animator and criminal mastermind, we reckon that Felix is a force to be reckoned with. His talents are prodigious, his feedback concise, and his beard… voluptuous.

One half of Rubber House animation studio and all round fancy man of animation, Ivan Dixon is a bandy armed pug loving maniac with a heart of gold! Just don’t say anything bad about Popeye around him…

Illustrator, Animator, and wearer of pants that suit him, Drew is a master multi-tasker. As proof of this he will be watching your work and offering you feedback while also eating a slice of toast.

Joanna Leitch is an animator, illustrator, and designer based in Los Angeles. She is development coordinator at Nickelodeon Animation, one-half of our LoopDeLoop LA team and she kind of really likes Star Wars… a lot!

Animator, lecturer, illustrator, comic creator and all round extraordinary girl, Megan has worked on many animated productions and is only too happy to share advice and baked treats with fellow creators. Megan now resides in LA and is the other half of our LoopdeLoop LA team!

An accomplished animator with years of experience in the studio system, Adam is currently working as a supervisor at Square I.

A multi-skilled business manager with arts training, Mel is a stickler for detail and when ideas become too “creative” and go off the rails, she gets them back on track.

An Illustrator, designer, lecturer and animator, Neil is a child trapped in an adult’s body, like some sort of unending Tom Hanks nightmare. He teaches in the Diploma of Illustration at NMIT.

Captain of industy, Nath is one of natures greatest miracles, capable of both intricate code and stunning design, and can out dance anyone at a moments notice.

Scene Redo Attempts

Some redid scenes attempts

This was an attempt done by another team member. It was a good attempt, but there was still little things that weren’t working within it.

This scene would have cut at frame 504, the extra bit below the screen viewer board would not have been added. I had to hold the bird at the exact position so that when the next scene took place. It would begin where it was suppose to be. But the problem was we were running out of time, and the fall in the next shot I thought was way to fast. So, I thought I would stick to what we originally had been planned. Adding another team members file extra pose before the sneeze jump.

A previous attempt on the final animation

In this scene there is the end credit of which I have only noticed that, the final animation below does not have (flower and spike placement). This is to show that I had planned to the spike and the spike to be on the ground in the final shot. (I must have missed it.) The reason why I did not use this file was because one frame did not render properly and I had to get help to fix this problem. In this animation because of the problem with the render, it was short by 2 mins.

Bless You

In the final animation, I managed to get to 24 secs, after the rendering problem was fixed, this is because one of the scenes was too short in time by one sec. I kept to the frames in the time sheet given to us, but every time I rendered it after Fchecking the scenes; it ended up 3 secs. This scene was the sneeze scene 360 – 432, which was initially supposed to be 4 secs long.

Scene 360 – 432 (Above).


Bless You Animation Fcheck sequences testings

These were the plan outs for each of the scenes and the camera shots the team had to follow for the animation. All the time and framing were planned out to exactly 25 Seconds.

Below are some of the tests sequences for the scene. There is also a video that shows how the full animation will play out.


In this sequence we have the a wideview of the birds and the whole surround of where the scene is set; this is to explain to the audience where the scene takes place. After this shot the camera zooms down toward the hedges and our scene begins.

Spike/Impact Scene

In this scene we have the travel of the spike and the impact. For a humorous approach I thought, spike hits bird and bird gets dizzy; whilst trying to keep her balance. But the we have decided that this could go a little faster. So it is currently being worked on at the moment.


This is the scene with the bird impact. I wanted to have the fall looks as believeable as possible; I know that when something falls, after the impact with hitting the ground usually there would be a bounce. It is the reaction to the force of the impact. Then at the end of my scene, there was a pause in which the bird lay there and did nothing. I have heard that when working with 3D it is never a good idea just to have something stand motionless, even when we a standing still there is always a slight movement that we make. So for this I added that the bird tries to lift herself back up; but, ends giving up on it.

Flower Scene

In this scene we have the hedgehogs, the male giving his partner a flower.

Sneeze and spike Impact 2

In this scene we see the female hedgehog about to sneeze. Then the impact of the spike to female bird. Again this scene is to have some minor changes that are underway. This was just to give the team an idea of how the scene would look put together.

Sneeze Scene

This is the scene of the hedgehog sneeze.

Bless YOU Animation Full Test

In this file there is one scene that was missed out. That scene has now been rendered and will be added to the final.

This was to give the team the idea for where the animation was going. How things would play together, and there were a few little suggestion made that are being changed at the moment. This we hope will improve the scenes a little better.