Alec Parkin Lectures and Tutorials

 UV Texturing

In class we were learning about UV Textures, using Maya which is a 3D modeling programme. This feature is useful for painting textures on to the geometry of the model.

 Rigging Eyes

  • Set Driven Keys

With Set Driven Keys, you can link other objects to so the one object’s attributes can drive or dictate the other attributes of another object.

  • UV Texture Editor

UV Lattice – Manipulates the layout of UVs as a group by letting you create a lattice around the UVs for deformation purposes. (Shortcut for tool > UV Lattice tool found in the UV Texture editor menu > Icon:  )

Move UV ShellTool – Lets you select and reposition aUV shell by selecting a singleUV on the shell. You can automatically prevent the repositioned UV shell from overlapping other UV shells in the 2D view. (Shortcut for Tool > Move UV Shell Tool in the UV Texture Editor menu. Icon:  )

UV Smudge Tool – Moves the position of selectedUVs and their neighboring UVs to a diminishing extent that is user defined. (Shortcut for Tool > UV Smudge Tool in the UV Texture Editor menu. Icon:  )

Select Shortest Edge Path Tool – Lets you select a path of edges between two vertices on a surface mesh. The Select Shortest Edge Path Tool determines the most direct path between any two selection points and selects the polygon edges in between. (Icon:  )

Interactive Unfold/Relax Tool – Let’s you control the amount of unfold or relax applied to a selection of UVs by dragging the mouse across the screen. (Icon:  )

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