Design Discourse 2: Tom Sito

Above is a skype chat with Tom Sito, discussing his experiences and sharing his knowledge of the animation Industry.

Above is a link to Tom Sito’s blog.

Who is Tom Sito?

Tom Sito began as a professional animator in 1975, he was a key player in the revival of the Disney Studios; in 1995 he left Disney to help set up the Dreamworks animation unit.

Animated films include the Disney classics: THE LITTLE MERMAID 1989, BEAUTY & THE BEAST 1991, ALADDIN 1992, THE LION KING 1994, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT 1988, POCAHONTAS 1995, DINOSAURS 2000 and FANTASIA 2000. Dreamworks: THE PRINCE OF EGYPT 2001, ANTZ 1999, PAULIE 1998, SPIRIT, STALLION OF THE CIMMARON 2002, storyboard supervisor on SHREK 2001.

Tom Sito was assistant to Shamus Culhane (he was his last assistant), Richard Williams, Art Babbitt and Ben Washam.

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