Scene Redo Attempts

Some redid scenes attempts

This was an attempt done by another team member. It was a good attempt, but there was still little things that weren’t working within it.

This scene would have cut at frame 504, the extra bit below the screen viewer board would not have been added. I had to hold the bird at the exact position so that when the next scene took place. It would begin where it was suppose to be. But the problem was we were running out of time, and the fall in the next shot I thought was way to fast. So, I thought I would stick to what we originally had been planned. Adding another team members file extra pose before the sneeze jump.

A previous attempt on the final animation

In this scene there is the end credit of which I have only noticed that, the final animation below does not have (flower and spike placement). This is to show that I had planned to the spike and the spike to be on the ground in the final shot. (I must have missed it.) The reason why I did not use this file was because one frame did not render properly and I had to get help to fix this problem. In this animation because of the problem with the render, it was short by 2 mins.

Bless You

In the final animation, I managed to get to 24 secs, after the rendering problem was fixed, this is because one of the scenes was too short in time by one sec. I kept to the frames in the time sheet given to us, but every time I rendered it after Fchecking the scenes; it ended up 3 secs. This scene was the sneeze scene 360 – 432, which was initially supposed to be 4 secs long.

Scene 360 – 432 (Above).



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