Bless You Animation Fcheck sequences testings

These were the plan outs for each of the scenes and the camera shots the team had to follow for the animation. All the time and framing were planned out to exactly 25 Seconds.

Below are some of the tests sequences for the scene. There is also a video that shows how the full animation will play out.


In this sequence we have the a wideview of the birds and the whole surround of where the scene is set; this is to explain to the audience where the scene takes place. After this shot the camera zooms down toward the hedges and our scene begins.

Spike/Impact Scene

In this scene we have the travel of the spike and the impact. For a humorous approach I thought, spike hits bird and bird gets dizzy; whilst trying to keep her balance. But the we have decided that this could go a little faster. So it is currently being worked on at the moment.


This is the scene with the bird impact. I wanted to have the fall looks as believeable as possible; I know that when something falls, after the impact with hitting the ground usually there would be a bounce. It is the reaction to the force of the impact. Then at the end of my scene, there was a pause in which the bird lay there and did nothing. I have heard that when working with 3D it is never a good idea just to have something stand motionless, even when we a standing still there is always a slight movement that we make. So for this I added that the bird tries to lift herself back up; but, ends giving up on it.

Flower Scene

In this scene we have the hedgehogs, the male giving his partner a flower.

Sneeze and spike Impact 2

In this scene we see the female hedgehog about to sneeze. Then the impact of the spike to female bird. Again this scene is to have some minor changes that are underway. This was just to give the team an idea of how the scene would look put together.

Sneeze Scene

This is the scene of the hedgehog sneeze.

Bless YOU Animation Full Test

In this file there is one scene that was missed out. That scene has now been rendered and will be added to the final.

This was to give the team the idea for where the animation was going. How things would play together, and there were a few little suggestion made that are being changed at the moment. This we hope will improve the scenes a little better.


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