New Narrative: Bless You Stage Setup

Stage_Setup_01 Stage_Setup_02

These were the final setup stages for the side-view and front-view examples for the team’s 15sec animation. The one problem we now face with these setups is for a high angle camera shot, by using the skydome in Arnold we have come across a slight hiccup. There is a black border that runs along the horizon. For the lower shots I discovered a similar problem, but managed to find a solution that worked in hiding the border; this solution was adding hills along the horizon line and moving everything on the stage geometry up. This little trick worked effectively to hid the black border, I figured I would try the same with the high camera angle shot, and found it was not as easy.

So, I was told by my tutor to try another approach; his suggestion was to create a ramp that would represent a sunset or sunrise, put it onto a sphere polygon cut in half and set it along the border line. I have now gone on to try out this idea; below are some examples I tried.


What I plan to do is to try the second image method again to the team’s actual stage setup, to see how this will look when rendering.



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