Image and Data Visualisation: Death Penalty

Project 03 Data Visualisation

For this final project we are to convert a set of statistics from the link below into something that can be easily understood by as wide an audience as possible.

Global Death Penalty Statistics

A few contemporary visualisations worth checking out are:


_63125925_data data visualisation hai-data-visualization infographic1


I took many elements from these designs as my influence for my final design, through the layout. I was very much impacted with how everything was organised on these charts; that they became the basis for my inspiration and ideas. For my designs I wanted to achieve these to the best of my ability.


My Graph Charts

In the earliest stages of this project I was confused as to what information on the stats from the webpage we were to put into a graph. I soon found out that it was only the totals section. I used Microsoft Excel for these charts.


Death Penalty Chart deathpenalty chart deathpenaltybarchart Deathpenaltychart Deathpenaltylinechart


Final charts

chart chart2

Going back over my charts these were the two that I used for the final design of my infograph. I traced over them and gave them a different colour code.

Early Design Attempts

death penalty chart design2 death penalty chart design3 death penalty chart design4


These were my early attempts; I decided to go with my final version because I feel that it give the most information and had a better design quality/layout that I liked.

My Final Design

death penalty chart design


I really liked this final design, as it could progress into a web page; my goal for this project was to try and get an infograph that could be developed as a webpage.


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