Image and Data Visualisation: Visual Narratives

Will Eisner – “The story form is a vechical for conveying information in an easily absorbed manner”.



Jonathan Corum

Jonathan Corum is the science graphics editor at The New York Times and founder of 13pt, an information design studio.

He strives for the clear, simple presentation of complex information, with an emphasis on crisp and elegant visual explanations.

He has designed more than 1,000 graphics for the Times, which have won 16 awards from the Society for News Design and 8 medals from the international Malofiej competition, including Best in Show. In 2009 the Times graphics desk received a National Design Award for communication design.

Previously, he was a senior designer at Font Bureau and Interactive Bureau, and design director at Online Retail Partners. He graduated from Yale College with a degree in Art and East Asian Studies.

(Info found: 13pt)

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What Is Higgs?

(Link: Chasing the Higgs Boson by Nigel Holmes)

So What is Higgs Boson?

Storytelling With Data


Comic Strips

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey

(Info Found: E-mel hypercomics)

My name is Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and everything you see here is my fault. I’m a comic creator and new media lecturer based out of Welwyn Garden City, England. is where I catalogue my experiments in fiction and the comics form. If that all sounds a little dry, don’t worry – I’m sure something horribly violent and amusing will happen if you stick around long enough.




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