Maya Team: The Peculiars Club


gilbertconcept2 gilbertconcept3

Here we have a few concept ideas from the team’s most favoured story; Trick Candles is a story about young Gilbert’s 2nd birthday, as he tries to blow out some candles and fails as he is a dragon who breaths fire.

One problem we face with this story is the fire – how will we animate the fire? Well, the team has come up with a solution to create a shape in Maya like a fire/flame, and in our animation we want to have that shape wriggle for a few seconds.

sneeze concept AHHHH! Chhhooooo!sneeze storyboard hedgehogsneeze

Here we have another story which the team find pretty funny. It was based on a comic strip we came across on the internet. Sneeze tells the story of two hedgehogs, who are chatting with one another when all of a sudden one of them sneezes, sending his spikes flying through the air, which happens to kill several birds passing by above.

zombie slug Awww! Brains!

Zombie Slugs Storyboard

Zombie Slug tells the story of a zombie slug and a snail. The zombie slug is trying to get the shell of the snail; the snail screams in terror as the zombie slug, only a short distant away, slowly tries to catch the snail. We find out that the snail is in fact seeing a person coming from behind with a salt bottle, which he pours onto the zombie slug and kills him.

penguin peculiar There’s a Cereal on the loose.

Penguin Peculiar, the story of P.I. (Private Investigator) Pablo (a cold case penguin detective) on the case of a…. cereal murder?

The team have had a lot of fun imagining these stories; there are many others which we are currently working on, these are just a few examples that we have been discussing. The other ideas are still in development for the story, and the storyboards for those are underway.

Here are some of the inspirations we found that aided us in our process to these initial ideas…

What we most admire about this CBBC short animation created by, was its simplistic style and staging; also the colour code was a very big inspiration.

With this animation short what the team like most is the simple storytelling and situation scenario.

The Comic strip style in this animation is another inspiration for the team.

This was an earlier inspiration, we are still intrigued by its story.

When we first began this project we threw in all kinds of ideas for the animation’s story – it could be myth, fairy tale/folktale, slapstick humour/comical. What about a worm, penguin, bears (teddy bear and gummy bears), caterpillar, slugs, fish, chicken etc. Until it came to actually thinking of situations to put these characters into, we had no ideas that sprung to mind. So, we decided to look at Animal Vines – best funny videos; and our ideas began to form from there.

(I particularly like the video above with the grizzly bear.)

(Above- Family Guy Video) This was were the title Trick Candles was formed/inspired from.


Our aim now is to go back on our ideas and fill them out more. We want to extend to other ideas for stories and add in more stories to the ones we already have, as we are now beginning to debate which three (each) of those original stories (above) we most prefer.

Once we have done this we want to narrow that list down to the one we would like to choose as our animation; but, before that decision is made we want to first create a script (for each); this will be a rough idea of scene lengths and camera shots/angles, and dialogue, if there is any at all, and refine the rough storyboards we have produced.


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