Image & Data Visualisation: Finalized Book Cover Designs




These are my three finalized book cover designs. My genre was Fantasy, I decided I wanted to aim my book designs for children of ten to twelve; so, I therefore settled for a simple/subtle cover design. Colour was to be the main interest of the book, I also had in mind that I wanted to design a book cover that I would buy myself if I saw it on a book shelf.


There were a range of inspirations that led me to focus on these designs.

Peter Pan Inspirations

peterpan,art,graphicdesign,illustration,poster,theater-063392e075dd7445ca1117b9613e2da0_h PeterPan-Amazon-small

(Image left found: tuesdaymourning)  right: Google Search Peter Pan Illustrations

AGJ153150 il_fullxfull.372403037_6q5k

Anne Grahame Johnstone and adamtrest



Arthur Rackham fairy

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Inspirations

slide1 tumblr_melpatGpx61qcexzdo1_500

Kevin Howdeshell

68941139_The_snow_queen___Shadow_Puppet_by_IsabellasArt 2_the lion witch wardrobe copy


(Above) Isabella Art – DeviantART  and M.S. Corley Illustration and Design

1129365364 0bcd1a3fe6ba048440fb717c6dd9f01f


Random silhouette art found on Google.

The Hobbit Inspirations

The-Two-Towers-Book-Cover-by-JRR-Tolkien_1-480 three_the_hobbit_posters_book_covers_by_emir0-d5ohsf7

J.R.R.Tolkien Illustration Cover  and  emir0

The-Hobbit-Alternative-Movie-Posters-3 TheHobbit_FirstEdition LOTR9 ibvcLnSZT5mVcN

HarperCollins Publisher’s Collection 2011

Celeborn_the_Lord_hobbit Yggdrasil____The_World_Tree__by_Due

Originals Book Inspirations

Even though I was very inspired by these original inspirations, I had a change of style; I thought the cover of a book has to be something appealing, decorative and illustrate an aspect of what the book is all about. To have Illustrated that in these styles below would have not interested me in the slightest; for me, I prefer the simpler book cover; if there are illustrations depicting a scene, I feel they would be better off inside the book than on the cover. I feel having an illustration outside the cover depicting a scene in the book,  is really like a spoiler alert. I prefer book covers that hint at something about the book, that intrigues the reader, and sparks their imagination.

Peter-Pan-Angry-Tink lecain_450 a0257633_1244247 378586 e3859be7470fc853656071d0194f30c0_large


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