Andrew Stanton: The Clue To A Great Story

(Thanks bethkirkytumblr)

This is the best Ted Talk I have ever seen. I understand exactly what Andrew Stanton is saying about “story”; it is exactly how I feel about  stories, and, how I feel stories that work around this method have a great impact – (Which is what Vogler describes in his book too).

As I have been studying Lawrence of Arabia, for the past few weeks, I too finally came across that same idea about the story’s theme, “Who are you?”. I became curious to know what Lawrence’s journey meant because at the start I did not truly understand it; as my team and I discussed and made connections to the story, we all soon caught on to various different aspects of the story. By doing this I feel it has greatly affected our understanding of Lawrence as a character and his journey. Lawrence of Arabia is a great story!

My favourites movies would be….

  1. Bambi, one of my favourite films as a kid. Bambi is a story that everyone can truly relate too; the story of Bambi is the  journey of life, through childhood to adulthood, death/loss, love and survival.
  2. (The most recent) Wreck-it Ralph: the moral of the story is, to not judge people by who they are and to also except who you are as a person.

Disney movies instill hope, dreams and happiness; they tell you, even though things look bad now – keep moving forward” – there is a silver lining in the end.

Pixar movies are genuinely great stories too. They have a lot of heart…. the best to come out of their studio would be without a doubt – Toy Story trilogy, Finding Nemo and Up. Toy Story 3 being my top favourite in that category, it was the perfect ending to a trilogy!


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