Image and Data Visualisation

Interactive Multimedia Design page

Project One

The first project for this semester is a photographic one, we want you to present six images in each of the categories below, that is twelve images in total.

However, for each of these images you should expect to take 10, 20, 30 or more photographs before you end up with something you are happy to submit for assessment.

You should present all of your images in your Flickr account making sure your final six in each category are clearly labeled, you could perhaps use a separate set for the final selection.

The two sections are:


Photograph a landscape, cityscape, seascape, etc taking on board the principles you have researched and learnt into consideration.

You can expect to take a lot of images from which you should choose six of the best which will be presented in your Design Journal.

All of your images should be uploaded to your Flickr account with a clear link from your Design Journal to the set.

Consider the story behind the images, what are you trying to say to 
the viewer?


Photograph a series of small, individual items.

These may relate to your Macro series to continue 
the sense of a narrative or they may run as a 
separate series.

Consider how these items are photographed, retain a consistency in your approach. Follow the same guidelines as those for the Macro series.


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