Film Scenes: Lawrence of Arabia – Act 2 (A)

Watch: (1 hr 57 mins – 1:57:00)

Scene 1:

Characters (in order of Appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. General Ali

Scene Description: (fade-in) The Arab troops are surrounding a lake, filling their water bottles; camera gradually pans down, settling on a long shot of Lawrence reading a book with his feet in the water.

  • Lawrence says nothing in this scene.
  • (Cut) to Sheriff Ali. close-up shot; he is looking sternly at Lawrence; while drinking from his cup.

Scene 2:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Farraj
  2. Daud

Scene Description: Farraj and Daud enter new scene; they are crouching low as not to be scene. There focus is draw to the bottom right of the screen.

  • (Cut to) Farraj and Daud; (medium shot) they are crotching half hidden on the ground. They are looking out beyond the camera at the camp. Daud taps Farraj on the should; he makes a gesture signaling “drink”, the slowly creep on off frame.

Scene 3:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Gasim
  2. Farraj
  3. Daud

Scene Description:

  • (cut) Gasim is laying under the shade of the sun. He looks up. He notice something odd.
  • (Cut to) Farraj and Daud’s feet; entering from off camera from the left and walking along to the right. They are behind a camel.
  • cut back to Gasim, medium closeup shot of his face. He has a strange conplex expression on his face.
  • Cut back to Farraj and Daud’s feet behind the camel and they are walking, behind a bush. The camel reenter the scene and Farraj and Daud’s feet have gone.
  • Cut back to Gasim who reacts to this new event. He lifts himself up.

Scene 4:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Farraj
  2. Daud
  3. Gasim

Scene Description: Farraj and Daud crawl toward the lake for a drink; their hands bearly touch the water before Gasim enters (half, waist down). Long Shot, Low angle.

  • Gasim grabs Farraj and Daud by the feet.
  • Farraj and Daud, turn and cry out/whimper.

Scene 5:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Ali
  2. Gasim
  3. Daud
  4. Farraj
  5. Lawrence

Scene description: Begin with Non-Diegetic sound of men laughing, shot fades into focus. There are men by a lake laughing at something in front of them off screen.

  • Cut to close-up shot of Ali; he looks around at the men to see what they are laughing at. Shot ends with him focusing on what the commotion is.
  • Gasim enter far-off from camera; draggin by the hair Farraj and Daud. Who are struggling helplessly. “Sheriff I have caught them they have drank from the water.”
  • The camera follows Gasim and the boys. shot ends with Gasim throwing the boys to Ali’s feet.
  • (Cut to) Long shot of Farraj and Daud, falling in front of Ali. Ali askes them way they are here. Farraj replies to serve Lord Lawrence. They were told to stay, they reply the they followed their camel to get to the camp. Claiming she lend them to be Lord Lawrence servants; believing it is the will of Ala.
  • Ali bets them with his cane. Lawrence jumps to his feet and shout at Ali, telling him not to do that.
  • Gasim tells Lawrence these are not servants these boys are outcasts/parent less.
  • Ali warns Lawrence that Farraj and Daud are not suitable. Lawrence claims he thinks they are very suitable and takes them on as his servants. Farraj and Daud kiss Lawrence’s feet. Ali wipes the boys again with his whip before exiting the scene.
  • Cut to low angle shot of  Daud and Farraj; Daud beckons Lawrence to lean closer to him. He asks him for “One shilling, every week…”
  • Gasim replies that, “That is fair.”
  • Daud – finishes – ” Each!” pointing to him and Farraj. Gasim refuses, saying that it is too much. Lawrence agrees. Snaps his fingers and points to his thing; Farraj and Daud collect his things. Lawrence exits scene; Farraj and Daud follow after.
  • Scene ends with Lawrence and Farraj and Daud, walking to another part of the camp.
  • close-up of Gasim: “They will be lucky for you, Lawrence. Ala…. has smile upon you(?)”

Scene 6:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Ali
  2. Lawrence

Scene Description: High angle, medium shot; electric line, camera pans down two open the scene with two figures emerging in the distance, high up on a cliff/hill. Ali and Lawrence with their army behind them.

  • Ali points out into the desert; showing Lawrence they’re journey.
  • Cut to high angle shot of two figures riding on camels. No-diegetic sound of Ali’s voice, warning Lawrence that there is not water until they reach their destination. “If the camels die we die.” This is telling the audience how dangerous of a journey our heroes now face. This is the beginning/entering to the Inmost Cave.
  • Lawrence says there is no time to waste then is there.
  • (Long Shot)
  • scene ends: Music starts the scene; the troops race over a track; low shot. Scene cuts to the troop riding off into the distance. (I think it is an) eye-level shot.

Scene 7:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Ali
  2. Lawrence

Scene Description: Birds eye-view shot looking over the desert; we see the troop riding in the distance. Music is intense hightening the mood. Lighting has fade slightly; colour look less bright (than in the lake scene). hint at change in mood and atmosphere; this shows something is about to happen.

  • Figures appear centre; at bottom of screen. As camera pans along. Extreme wide shot.
  •  (cut) Long Shot – Ali at the front of the herd/troop. Colour is getting slightly brighter now; music is fading; the tense is decreasing, the troops are now marching at a slow pace.
  • Everything seems dreary and slow; there are a series of cuts and panning, to show that everyone is feeling tied. Music has a slow motion of ups and down beats; vibrating that feeling of calm; the overall look of the scene colour vague short of way.
  • A sequence of ripped cuts to Lawrence and Ali are happening. Lawrence notices a sand storm off in the distance; he turns his head away, then looks back at the sandstorm. (I feel that these sandstorm may be hinding toward somethin Lawrence discribes a later scene calling them “pillars of fire”, could be seven pillars of wisdom.)
  • Lawrence begins to drift off to sleep. Ali notices and races up to him, he looks at him for a moment, before beating him with a stick. Lawrence say “I was thinking.” Alis tells him he was drifting, Lawrence has no choice but to tell the truth. He says “it would happen again.” Ali looks as though he can not believe this, Lawrence tells him it won’t happen again.
  • Long shots of camels riding; there a mirage hints off in the distance; cut to a lone figure on his camel, a mirage in the distance in front of him. Music become spindly, looping in to a spiral-down slope sound.

Scene 8:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Ali
  3.  Farraj

Scene Description: Camp site, Long Shot; Lawrence is shaving his face, the rest of the group watches him. In this scene, the light is being to fade, it is getting dark.

  • Ali complains that the water Lawrence has used to shave, is wasted; he tells them now they must travel by night. And rest when it is too hot to travel.
  • Lawrence asks why don’t the start now. Ali refuses and tells him that they will rest now. We are getting a picture of who is in charge and who is not. Ali calls the shots.
  • Ali looks to the sky and says three hours. Lawrence is fine with this. “I’ll wake you up.” Lawrence is now getting back for what happened in the last scene; when he was about to fall asleep.

Scene 9:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Gasim
  3. Ali

Scene Description: Fades to scene (extreme long shot) of the troop marching on their camel across the dark desert. The troop are far off in the distance.  The camera slowly panning across the screen.

  • Scene fades again, this time it is lighter, and the troops are relaxing under a belching hot sun. Trying to retain their strength.
  • Fade to the camel resting the camera slowly zooms in.
  • Cut to long shot of Lawrence. Everything is quite well this scene is happening; we can only hear the breeze.
  • Every one is asleep. Cut to Gasim, something is on his face to he smacks it.
  • Cut to Ali, he is hidden under his black robes. He looks out and gets up. He turns around and point his cane at one of his men, toward Lawrence who is just behind Ali’s camel. This shows how Ali and Lawrence have conflicting relationship. Neither one of them can stand one another, at this point.
  • We cut to Lawrence the one of Ali’s men stands in front of him. Lawrence reacts to this and immediately wakes up. I feel like Lawrence, is wanting to prove himself at this stage, he wants to show Ali that he can do this mission. And that he is the right man for the job.
  • Lawrence looks off camera, cut to Ali, he has a smirk on his face, Ali turns away; cut to Lawrence, he rage is building on his face. Lawrence gets up.

Scene 10:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Ali
  2. Lawrence

Scene Description: Camera fade to another extreme shot; the troops are far off to the distance marching along the blazing desert. There a funny sort of haze over the shot in this scene; I think it is to show the audience, the effect of the heat, expressed. It creates that effect well, I immediately feel like I understand what is going on in this shot. Also the music is slow pace, and has the bumping rhythm again; which I feel creates the mood as drowsy.

  • Cut to a low angel shot of  feet, one of the Arabs is walking over some boulders/rocks.
  • The camera is slowly zooming out, while panning upward.
  • We see a long shot of the troops moving away from the camera; backs facing the camera.
  • Cut to Ali; he is leading his camel among the rocks. He looks to the side of the camera, before looking down at his feet to watch his step.
  • Camera pans over to Lawrence who gradually appears in shot; the camera is still focused on Ali; but, slowly as he gets near to Lawrence begins to focus on him.
  • Lawrence is drinking from his cup; he turns to look at Ali. Ali’s face looks stern.
  • Ali looks off into the distance, off camera. Lawrence turns to look in the same direction.
  • Lawrence say “we rest here.” He sound weak and tired. Ali refuses: “There is no rest, Lawrence… until we get to the other side of that.” He is speaking about the desert.
  • Cut to the Ordeal: Extreme Long shot of the desert; Lawrence say “And, how much of that, is there?”
  • Ali replies: that he is not sure.
  • I think I am start to begin to see a softer side slowly beginning to emerge in Ali toward Lawrence. He must by this point be very suprised; at how long Lawrence has managed to survive this journey.
  • Ali:” However must it must be crossed before tomorrows sun gets up.” We know know how must of an Ordeal this part of Lawrence’s journey is.
  • The Stakes are high.
  • “This is the Sun’s Anvy”  Ali explains; and moves off, load music starts building the tension. Lawrence stands alone in the shot his face, not too happy about the challenge that lies before him.

Scene 11:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Ali
  2. Lawrence
  3. Farraj

Scene Description: Extreme long shot of the troops moving in the distance along the desert. Music is still at that high shrieking pace; bobbing up and down. Finally it begins to dwindle and fade.

  • Fade to long shot; Ali, Lawrence and the rest of the troops in silhouette; marching along the night desert.
  • Farraj falls off his camel; cut to Daud turns. We cut back to Farraj he scrambles to his feet.
  • Cut to a long shot, Lawrence in foreground, Farraj is visible racing along the camels to reach his camel.
  • The camera effect on this scene is blurred black around the edges, everything has a shade of nighttime blue; the blurred black is like a circle, centring on the troops. This I believe is an effect that is used to focus the viewers attention to the focus point of the scene.
  • Fade to a extreme long shot; still a blurred black frame around the screen. Silhouetted figures walking toward the bottom right hand side of the screen; camera is at a high angle.

Scene 12:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Ali

Scene Description: Camera fades into focus; the lighting is brighter than the last scene; the blurred black frame has vanished.

  • A haze is over the screen; it is a little hard to make out Lawrence’s face; but we can still see his expression; a light seems to be hitting him off screen left; Lawrence looks down to his watch.
  • There is a moon light in the scene.
  • Lawrence is tired.
  • We cut to Ali, who is watching behind him, at Lawrence. He turns away and continues what he is doing.
  • Cut back to Lawrence he look oddly of screen right; toward Ali.

Scene 13: 

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Ali
  3. Daud

Scene Description: Lawrence, Ali and the rest of the Arab troops have finally made it to the end of the desert. Lawrence is thrilled. Daud comes into shot. He points off screen toward left.

  • Cut to a camel wandering without a rider.
  • Gasim has fallen from his camel.
  • Lawrence asks Ali why don’t you stop: Ali asks why, and says he will be dead by mid-day.
  • Lawrence say that they must go back. Ali refuses; saying that the sun will be up in one hours time.
  • Lawrence stops his camel.
  • Lawrence heads off to rescue Gasim.
  • Ali walks in his way. Warning Lawrence: that if he goes back he will kill himself.
  • Lawrence tells Ali to get out of his way.
  • One of Ali’s men says that Gasim’s time has come; and that it is written.
  • Lawrence barks back that nothing is written. He marches off.
  • Ali follows shouting at him, go back then. He asks Lawrence what did he bring them here for, if he had blasphemy consent. He calls Lawrence an English Blasphemer. Ali is Lawrence Guardian Threshold the most at this point; he does not have faith in Lawrence, by telling him he can not complete his journey; giving negative thoughts.
  • He shout to Lawrence who has run off. He tells him he will not be at Aqaba. Lawrence replies; that he will be at Aqaba. he claims that is written in his head. This shows us the audience Lawrence’s determination to reach Aqaba. Lawrence heads off. Ali shouts after him calling him “English”, he throws his turbine down in  anger.

Scene 14:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Gasim
  2. Lawrence
  3. Daud

Scene Description: Low angle shot of Gasim’s feet emerge on screen; the sky off in the distance is a red orange colour; Gasim is in big trouble. The sky is like a ticking bomb about to go off.

  • Gasim walks off into the distance of the camera; (in the interview of the making of Lawrence of Arabia; the Freddie Young, talked about how they had to dig a big pit to set the camera steady in a low shot, in this scene you can really see this working)
  • Cut to the sun, it slowly raises.
  • Cut to an extreme long shot, high angle of Gasim, his back to the camera; he is looking to the left watching the sky.

Scene 15:

Characters (in order of Appearance)

  1. Daud
  2. Gasim

Scene Description:  Daud looking toward sky/up; he is waiting for Lawrence to return.

  • Cut back to the sun; David Lean really wants to get the urgency of this scene across to the audience. Gasim is in danger.
  • The camera becomes focused and unfocused; at this shot of the sun high up in the sky; I think this was a effect that they wanted to make everything seem dreamy and dazed.
  • Cut to Daud, he is looking straight up to the sky. He look down to he left. He has obviously stayed behind to wait for Lawrence to return.
  • Cut to sun, then immediately cut to Gasim; low angle shot; Gasim drops a belt into frame. the earth is cracked.
  • Cut to Gasim; he is walking toward camera; camera is backing off along with him. it is so the audience understands that Gasim is hot and he is stripping himself from his clothes to cool off. and carry less weight. it is a high angle shot.
  • soon the camera slows down, allowing Gasim time to catch up.
  • Scene ends with an extreme wide shot of Gasim off in the distance and a trail of his things left behind.

Scene 16:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Daud

Scene description: sun is put into frame, again bring across as a ticking bomb. Cut to a mirage effect of Lawrence riding his camel of in the distance; one end of the camera to the other.  Extreme long shot.

  • It is bright; there is not much colour; Lawrence’s uniform blends in with the scene (sand); only the blue of the sky separates land from sky.
  • Lawrence is marching along; camera pans along with him.
  • Again the is a fade blurr across the screen like a circle; tranparent not black this time, it is so that the eye focuses on Lawrence.
  • Cut to Daud; he is still waiting.

Scene 17:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Gasim

Scene description: Cut to the sun once again, Gasim walking along the long shot  eye level shot; he is off in the distance.

  • Cut to a high angle shot of Gasim; he is dizzy; he looks as though he might faint.
  • He looks up to the sky.
  • Cut to sun blazing bright; music reach drastic peek.
  • Gasim fall to the floor.

Scene 18:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Farraj
  2. Lawrence
  3. Gasim

Scene Description: Cut to camel drinking by a lake, low angle shot; the troops have made it to the lake. the men wash their dirty faces in the cooling waters. Camera pans along.

  • Cut to Farraj, watching out for Daud and Lawrence to return; be hind him others are get water from the lake. Farraj has a bottle in his hands, he drinks from it.
  • Cut to Daud: he is still waiting for Lawrence to return.
  • Cut to long shot of the desert. this is to show he is waiting.
  • cut back to side view, long shot of Daud. He move his camel foreward he’s spotted something.
  • cut back to desert shot; something is beginning to emerge from the mirage ahead.
  • Daud is not sure; but he slowly begin to move closer to the figure in the distance.
  • Continuous cutting back and forth; between the figure and Daud.
  • We hear non-diegetic sound of his camels feet. He races toward the figure; it is Lawrence.
  • We get a shot/frame (medium shot) of Lawrence. he puts his cane in the air. Gasim is on behind him resting.
  • Daud runs toward him shouting in praise.

Scene 19:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Farraj
  2. Ali

Scene Description: Farraj is seated on a cliff; waiting for Lawrence, Gasim and Daud to return. In this shot; I think the golden ratio was used to direct the viewers eye from Farraj to the camp below; just to show that he is still with the troops and has not drifted off somewhere else.

  • Farraj turns toward the camp. this opens the next shot and directs the viewer attention to Ali.
  • Ali is seated under a bush. He looks up. he beats his stick into the ground.
  • Cut back to Farraj; he turns back round toward the camera, looking away from the camp below. this also directs the viewer to focus on him.
  • Cut to figures emerging from the edge of the screen.
  • Farraj gets to his feet. He calls out. We seen him run off; as camera pans after him to follo where he is going.
  • we see him stumble down the hill.

Scene 20:

Character (in order of appearance)

  1. Ali
  2. Lawrence
  3. Daud
  4. Gasim
  5. Farraj

Scene description: everyone in the camp stand up to see what the fuss is. They hurry off screen.

  • Cut to Lawrence, Gasim and Daud; long shot of them walking back on camel.
  • Farraj runs to Daud.
  • Daud hits his camel to catch up to Farraj.
  • Farraj gives Daud his bottle of water.
  • Triumphant music is played; Lawrence looks like a courageous daring hero. He looks as though he is holding his guard for when he meet Ali.
  • Cut to Ali; long shot, side view.
  • Farraj offers Lawrence a drink; Lawrence does not take it, his attention is all on Ali.
  • The troops praise the hero. This stage is the coming of Lawrence’s reward and acceptance.
  • Lawrence looks for Ali, in the crowd.
  • Cut to Ali, there is a smile on his face. He has finally changed his views about Lawrence and now accepts him, as an ally.
  • Ali brings Lawrence his bottle of water; Lawrence accepts his offer. He says “Nothing is written.”
  • Everything has now changed for Lawrence in this scene. He is no longer; taunted by Ali, who in turn offers Lawrence his seat. Lawrence is being praised by the Arabs now. He has shown courage; beyond anyone of them. He comes back from the Ordeal a hero.
  • Lawrence fall on the blanket. fast asleep.

Scene 21:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Ali
  2. Lawrence
  3. Farraj
  4. Daud

Scene Description: Ali notice Lawrence is awakened; it is nightfall. Ali calls farraj to bring him food for Lawrence. Ali crawls closer to Lawrence.

  • He say: surely one man, could not hold out in the desert.
  • Lawrence laughs and correct Ali of his name.
  • Ali tells him it sounds better; Lawrence agrees.
  • Ali asks Lawrence about his parents; Lawrence tells him who is father is. Ali says when Lawrence’s father dies then he too will be a lord. This scene shows now a change in Ali; he thinks very highly of Lawrence.
  • Lawrence tells him no, he will not be a lord.
  • Ali does not understand why; Lawrence tells him, that his father didn’t marry his mother.
  • Ali looks shocked.
  • Ali tells him that it seems to him, that Lawrence should be free to choose his own name. This really explains Ali’s acceptance of Lawrence.
  • This is the coming of Lawrence’s rebirth. A he settles for Ali’s new name for him.
  • Scene ends with Ali, burning Lawrences old clothes.

Scene 22:

Characters ( in order of appearance)

  1. Ali
  2. Lawrence

Scene Description: Ali presents Lawrence with new robes of white; this is Lawrence’s Resurrection. He has been accepted by to the Arabs/ it is as though they have adopted him.  High angle, long shot.

  • Lawrence has accepted them by say it is a great honour.
  • One of the men, say it is an honour for them to have Lawrence as one of them.
  • Lawrence bows to them, and they bow back.
  • Larence rides off in his new robes.
  • the rest stay behind.
  • Lawrence turns to wave back; they all wave back to him too.
  • He rides off.

Scene 23:

Charaters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Auda Abu Tayi
  3. Abu Tayi’s son

Scene Description: Lawrence is alone in the desert, by a sand pit; he walks onto the sand pit. It is a long shot. He walks around looking at his new clothes and pull out his dagger.

  • He looks at the dagger to look at his reflection; this will be mimicked in a later scene of the movie. It show innocence.
  • he starts to pranch around admiring his new clothes believe he is alone.
  • He notice someone is watching him. He stops dead in his tracks.
  • Auda Abu Tayi; asks him what are you doing in this place.
  • Lawrence replies: as you see! he asks him if he is alone. Abu Tayi replies almost.
  • Abu Tayi, asks him if Lawrence is one of those men who is drinking from his well. he shots his gun in the air.
  • A young boy enter’s the scene, Abu Tayi’s son. Abu Tayi asks him what manner of fashion is this; the boy replies to the name of the troops Lawrence has been with. He then asks the boy if Lawrence is one of those men; the replies “No, English.”
  • Lawrence has a shocked expression at this remark; like he is disappointed.
  • Abu Tayi says that they are stealing their water, he and the boy run off to tell them they are coming.
  • Lawrence is left on scene, he turns worried.
  • he races to his camel.

Scene 24:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Auda Abu Tayi
  2. Lawrence
  3. Daud
  4. Farraj
  5. Ali

Scene Description: there is a non-diegetic sound of a gun shot. The Arab Troops scatter. it is a high angle, extreme shot; of into the distance, we can see Abu Tayi approaching. The Arabs are collecting their guns.

  • Abu Tayi has taken one of their bottles, he pours it to the ground. He throws the empty bottle at one of their feet.
  • Lawrence enter’s scene; Tayi’s son has a gun pointed at him.
  • Tayi tells one to empty the water; Ali steps in an shouts in refusal.
  • they have a converation; Tayi claims to have known Ali’s father; we learn that Ali’s did not know his father. Tayi is mocking him; Ali replies if Tayi knew his own father; Tayi turns as if to strike Ali with his blade. Lawrence shouts out.
  • Lawrence tries to come down the feud. He is asking Tayi to take pity. Lawrence ask Tayi to call off his man (boy). He does so.
  • Tayi tells Lawrence, that he has only begun to teach the boy. Lawrence asks what he is trying to teach him? How to attack hospitality!
  • Tayi asks Ali, who Lawrence is; Ali tells him a friend of Prince Faisal.
  • Abu Tayi is a Threshold Guardian; he is trying to figure out who Lawrence is; Ali was the previous Threshold Guaridan; however, after Lawrence heroics, he has Shapeshifted his views.
  • Abu Tayi; is also a Threshold Guardian to the whole troop. He asks them if it is his hospitality, of which they seek. He barks at Lawrence to hold his tongue. He wants to hear it from Ali. Ali says yes. Abu Tayi accepts this and grants it. The Thresold Guardian has been passed; they have passed his test.
  • He asks them to dine with him in his place.

Scene 25:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Abu Tayi
  2. Abu’s son
  3. Lawrence
  4. Ali

Scene Description: opens with a spectular shot overlooking Abu Tayi’s camp. The camera his on a high angle; overlooking at the top of a hill; camera slowing moves closer to the focus point of the scene, the camp. it is drawing the viewer to that particular spot.

  • Lawrence, Abu Tayi, Abu’s son, Ali and the rest of the troops; come down from the hill to enter the scene.
  • Abu Tayi’s troops come to great them; the scene has various cuts, and both high angles and eye view shots. it also pans along with each shot toward left; as Abu and the rest are marching toward the right. this is to indicate that they are walking toward one another.
  • Abu’s troops circle around the Lawrence’s party. We hear a few frame in, a non-diegetic sound of a gun; with the music it is very subtle; the must is fast paces and loud. expressing the excitement.

Scene 26:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Abu Tayi
  3. Ali
  4. Majd

Scene description: Camera fades to the next scene; we see a young girls face close-up shot; camera pans down along a crowd of people. They are all looking over at a area, of where Lawrence and Abu Tayi seated having a chat; this is the focus point. David Lean has done something truly brilliant here; by showing other’s interest in something; we the audience automatically feel interested to.

  • Camera pans in to the scene; Abu orders his men to take a big bowl of food away; we see them take it away; then, we hear guns shots of Abu’s men outside. We also see the gun sparks; behind them, Lawrence looks and smiles.
  • In this scene; Lawrence and Ali are speaking with Abu Tayi; they are now acting the Heralds; this is Abu Tayi’s Call to Adventure.
  • Abu Tayi asks about profit; Ali tells him his people have no interest in profit; Abu Tayi is intrigued; he says that it is hard for a man to commit to serve, and says he can not serve. We see that Abu Tayi’s interest lays in profit.
  • Lawrence picks up on him permiting the Turks to stay in Aqaba. Abu replies yes it is his soul desire. I think he is being a little sarcastic.
  • Lawrence tells him that they do not work this fight for Aqaba for Prince Faisal; Abu Tayi asks him “for the english?” Lawrence says “For the Arabs.”
  • Abu Tayi, tells him of all the tribes he knows; but, he Arabs he says what kind of tirbe is that? Lawrence Laughs.
  • He tells him they are a tribe of slaves.
  • Abu Tayi say that they are nothing to him.
  • Abu Tayi is outrage by Lawrence’s remark of him, wanting the Turks rule in Aqaba.
  • Abu stands and tells them of his greatness, show his willingness, and his status.
  • He tells lawrence that the Turks pay him 100 guineas; Lawrence corrects him and say 150. Abu looks shocked and asks him who told him that.
  • Lawrence tries to persuade him that money is of no matter. Lawrence tells them that Abu will not got for profit, or the Turks, or another reason; he states that Abu will come because it is his pleasure.
  • Camera pans into Abu Face, close-up shot; he says his mother mated with a scorpion.
  • He has accepted the call.

Scene 27:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Abu Tayi
  2. Lawrence
  3. Ali

Scene Description: Abu Tayi signals his troops to Aqaba. We get a extreme long shot of them marching off.

  • Camera pans along with troops, showing that they are going off for battle.
  • Abu’s people are on a cliff yelling at them leaving. it is there farewell.
  • There is various cuts to long shots of the troops marching and cuts to extreme long shots to show where they are marching to; it is showing us that they are leaving the camp area. And moving toward Aqaba.
  • We hear non-diegetic sound of soldiers/men sing; and the women in the cliff screaming their farewell.

Scene 28:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Ali

Scene Description: opens with nightfall; high angle shot; extreme long shot. we see the moon off in the distance. Everything in the scene is lit by moon light.

  • We cut to Lawrence and Ali; sneaking up the mountain. behind some rocks.
  • Ali point toward off frame; cut to a extreme long shot of a city of lights; Aqaba.
  • Lawrence say “Yes Aqaba”, Ali pulls his fist down as he say “tomorrow we will go and get it.
  • From what my team and I discovered it was Lawrence’s brilliant idea to take Aqaba by land, rather than sea; of which they would have been expecting.
  • Lawrence asks Ali does he think they will; Ali is yes, if Lawrence is right about the guns. Non-Diegetic sound of a gun shot; Ali and Lawrence look round in shock.
  • Camera hurriedly pans to the camp.
  • We see the troops getting up; to look to see where the commotion is coming from.
  • Cut back to Lawrence and Ali; they hurry back to the camp.

Scene 29:

Characters (in order of Appearance)

  1. Ali
  2. Abu Tayi
  3. Lawrence
  4. Majd

Scene Description: High shot of crowd; gathered round the commotion.  the moonlight acts like a spot light surrounding them.

  • Camera pans in.
  • We see a man dead on the ground. it is one of Abu’s men.
  • Abu speaks with Ali; he say “he killed, he dies.”
  • Ali says “this is the end of Aqaba.”
  • All their plans seem to be failing.
  • Majd tell Lawrence that one of their men, killed on of Abu Tay’s men.
  • Lawrence is outraged and asks why? Majd says money/blood feud. he is not quite sure.
  • Lawrence tries to speak scene to Ali; Majd says it is an ancient rune. Lawrence explains under his breath that he did not come her to see some tribal blood bath. He wants to resolve the situation without killing.
  • He runs to Abu Tayi; Lawrence is struggling to keep the troop together; all Abu Tayi’s men have moved to one side; All of Ali’s men to another. They are dividing; if Abu Tayi kills the man who shot his man; they troops will split; Lawrence must act fast.
  • Lawrence tries to persuade Abu Tayi not to do it; he claims it is the Law. Lawrence asks him “the Law says a man must die?” Abu Tayi nods; Lawrence tells him if he dies will that prevent the Khorati’s? Abu say “yes”
  • Lawrence ask Ali if none of Abu Tayi’s men harm his; will that content the kharkiv.
  • Ali agrees.
  • Lawrence accepts to execute the Law.
  • This way the tribe will stay united.
  • Lawrence say he has no tribe; and that way no one is offended.
  • He loads his gun; camera close up of Lawrences hands loading the gun. he points the gun; the camera follows.
  • Camera pans into the man responable; it is Gasim.
  • Cut to Lawrence’s expression. Gasim was the man he rescued from the desert.
  • Lawrence has no choice but to do what he must to; for the sake of keeping the tribes united; and, so that the plan does not fail. Gasim is now his Ordeal (maybe one of his greatest yet); it is hard for Lawrence to bear it. He fires.
  • Gasim moves out of the way; Lawrence keeps firing until Gasim is dead.
  • This is a new resurrection/shapeshift, for Lawrence as we will discover later on.
  • Lawrence moves along; Abu Tayi tries to get his attention; Lawrence ignores and walks on.
  • Abu Tayi asks Ali what is wrong with Lawrence; Ali explains that was the man Lawrence rescued. Abu Tayi understands – He says it was written then.

Scene 30:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Ali
  2. Lawrence

Scene description: Ali and Lawrence walk away from the last scene. Ali talks to Lawrence. Lawrence look horrified, and deep in thought.

  • Ali tells him he should have no shame in it. Besides it was necessary. He say that Lawrence gave life and he took it.
  • Cut to Lawrence he is disgusted; he looks Ali, then the gun and throws it away.Cut to shot of the gun hitting the ground; long shot.
  • Some of the men race to get it.
  • Cut back to Lawrence, camera pans up to close-up of his face.

Scene 31:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Abu Tayi
  2. Lawrence

Scene Description: Cut to next scene; first before, we hear non-diegetic sound of bells ringing.

  • We see a new camp; Aqaba. Men are overlooking; what is happening off screen. one of them hurries for his gun.
  • Camera cuts to his back; we see what he sees; Lawrence and his troops; racing for battle.
  • A series of cuts long shot and extreme long shots of the action taking place.
  • we get a frame of Lawrence; racing toward the battlefield, among the soldiers.
  • Non-diegetic sound of gun fire.
  • We get a extreme long shot of Aqaba; the Turks are retreating.
  • Camera pan along the extreme shot; at a high angle; it finish at a canon.
  • Music is high and fast paced

Scene 32:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Ali

Scene Description: the hype of the last event has dwindled; we fade into a scene of a setting sun near a beach; Lawrence is riding his camel across the ocean sand/beach. this is a high angle shot; orange is used in this scene to calm the audience back down.

  • Orange is described in If it’s Purple, Someone’s Gonna Die, by Patti Bellantoni; as a colour as generally  “nice”, stating “I am here”.
  • The scene start with a high angle shot overlooking the troops, in Aqaba; and Lawrence entering the beach alone.
  • We hear calming music and the sound of the wave soothes the atmosphere.
  • We cut to Lawrence we hear the troops non-diegetic sound of voices, Lawrence looks round.
  • He looks to his hand; he wipes it on his robe; he is still dramatized by killing Gasim.
  • Lawrence looks out to sea; he then spots something floating in the water. It is red flow, chained together.
  • Lawrence turns.
  • Cut to Ali. He say the miracle is accomplished.
  • He explains that the flowers are garlands for the conquer of Aqaba.
  • Lawrence jumps of his camel; into the water; he picks up the garlands.
  • Ali laughs; tributes for the prince, flowers for the man. the flowers were a congratulation for Lawrence.
  • Lawrence claims he is none of those things. Ali asks him what then? Lawrence says he does not know, but thanks him all the same.
  • Lawrence expresses his feeling to Ali; saying he “loves this country”.
  • there is a banging in the distance.

Scene 33:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Abu Tayi
  2. Lawrence
  3. Ali
  4. Daud
  5. Farraj

Scene Description: cut to Abu Tayi,  he is angry that there is not gold in Aqaba.

  • One of his men come to him and tell him that they have found it.
  • He hurries off with them.
  • Lawrence enters the scene; he tries the transmitter signal, it is dead.
  • Lawrence asks Ali to go to Faisal; to ask him to find any boats coming in.
  • And to bring the Arab army here to Aqaba.
  • Lawrence tells him he is going off to tell the general.
  • He has to cross the desert.
  • He takes Daud and Farraj with him; saying they will be alright with him.
  • Ali does not understand; Lawrence explains if he did go and tell about the conquer of Aqaba; all his general would laugh.
  • Ali thinks he is deserting him. He says Lawrence will take of “these funny clothes”; and wear trousers and tell stories of of quaintness and barbarity. And then they will believe you.
  •   Lawrence calls him an ignorant man. And leaves.

Scene 34:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Abu Tayi

Scene Description: Abu Tayi is looking for gold in a box. All he finds are papers. He is outraged.

  • cut to a new area; Abu Tayi exits the place where he was in the last scene. Abu Tayi throws the papers at Lawrence who has gotten onto his camel. Ready to go.
  • Lawrence asks him if he came just for gold? Abu replies “for my pleasure as you said”.
  • Now we know he was only really interested in gold. He says Lawrence promised gold and Lawrence lied. He thinks Lawrence has tricked him.
  • Lawrence signs a sheet of paper; saying that the crown of England promises to pay, 5,000 gold guineas to Auda Abu Tayi. Lawrence tells Abu, that in ten days he will have his gold.
  • He tells him he will be back with the gold, with guns with everything.
  • Abu Tayi says “you cross shinde?” Lawrence replies “why not Moses did.”
  • Lawrence leaves.  Abu Tayi say and you will take the children; Lawrence replies Moses did. Abu Tayi tells Lawrence Moses was a prophet.
  • We see now that Lawrence could be relating himself to a prophet. Like when in the metaphor of the motorbike; he revved up the juice; which I believe to be this point of the film; Lawrence believes himself unstoppable. that he thinks he is a prophet cause he can survive deserts.
  • Scene ends with Ali and Abu Tayi saying to him; “he said there was gold here; he lied. he is not perfect.” Ali’s eyes look toward Abu Tayi, as though concidering these word; he looks back to Lawrence leaving.

Scene 35:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Farraj
  3. Daud

Scene description: Lawrence, Farraj and Daud are on their camels moving across the desert.

  • Farraj asks for rest. Lawrence says there will be no rest until he has told them that he has taken over Aqaba.
  • He promises them by tomorrow they will have the finest of everything.

Scene 36:

Characters (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Farraj
  3. Daud

Scene Description: Cut to a high angle shot; extreme long shot of the desert; camera pans to focus point of Lawrence, Farraj and Daud; wandering on their camels in the desert. It is not very bright; they are crossing at night.

  • Lawrence stops them; he points and tells them to look. cut to a sand twister; “Pillar of Fire” he explains.
  • Daud corrects him “no lord, dust.”
  • Lawrence laughs and moves on; Daud and Farraj look confused.

Scene 37:

Character (in order of appearance)

  1. Lawrence
  2. Farraj
  3. Daud

Scene description: Lawrence and the boys, venture through a sandstorm.

  • Wind is blowing the sand hard on them. This is there greatest Ordeal so far.
  • We see a shot of Lawrences compass falling to the ground. He does not notice this has happen.
  • soon the storm clears.
  • Lawrence notices his compass is missing.
  • He point due west.
  • Cut to a scene of a setting sun; our heroes ride off into the sunset; silhoutted.



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