Storyboard Project: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

I found this video on YouTube, Aaron’s Art Tips 8; in this tutorial/tips video blog, Aaron a former Disney animator, who work on the recent John Lewis Advert; discusses his view and experience from working with a clip or a piece of dialog. He give some very good tips about how not to over animate a scene.


Stills from Clip

Couldn’t upload the sound clip we were given, so here are some stills from the scene we were asked to storyboard. We were also asked to not go back to the clip, as our tutor wanted us to attempt our own version of the scene.

When first given this project I misunderstood the task given, and thought we had to use the clip as reference; my tutor saw me looking at the clip and thought I was cheating. I didn’t look at the clip/ scene after that.

STB002 STB005 STB005a STB006 STB006b STB008 STB010 STB011 STB011a STB012 STB013 STB014a STB017 STB018 STB020STB022STB024STB025aSTB027STB029STB030STB031STB034 STB037STB038STB040STB041STB043STB044STB046STB048



The Script

I wrote out a script to help, taken from the audio track that was given to me.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The Blustery Day/ Happy Winds Day Scene Storyboard Project


Scene 1:

Leaves blow in the wind. Piglet is outside his house brushes away all the leaves in his garden.

Camera follows one big life, this life swoops Piglet off his feet, blowing him away in the wind.


Gasp! Whoops!

Piglet is blown away by the wind on the leaf.


Now, you’ve been here before. I don’t mind the leaves that are going. (Struggles to get to his feet, fighting against the wind)

Piglet manages to throw off the leaf, but is immediately swooped of his feet again.


It’s the leaves that are coming. (Fighting against wind pressure) Whoops!

Piglet bumps along with the wind, and eventually he bumps right into Pooh.


Happy Wind’s Day, Piglet.

Pooh’s head follows a struggling piglet, still fighting against the wind.


Well, it isn’t very happy for me.

Piglet is dragged away by powerful wind force.


Where are you going, Piglet?


(Struggling against wind) That’s what I’m asking myself, where? Whoops! P-p-p-pooh!

Piglet is blown off his feet again. Pooh follow at a trot behind Piglet, who is floating head length to pooh.


What do you think you will answer yourself?

Piglet begins to levitate higher. Pooh holds out his paw to catch the end of Piglet’s scarf


Oh, oh, oh… I’m unravelling! (Levitating higher, other end of the scarf now just thread) Whoops! (Piglet reaches out to grab the string) OH! That was a close one.

Piglet is high up in the sky like a kite. While pooh is struggling below to hold on tight to the thread.


Hang on tight Piglet!


Oh dear, oh dear, dear!

My Final Storyboard

Photo 01-01-2014 08 22 30 pm Photo 01-01-2014 08 22 37 pm Photo 01-01-2014 08 22 46 pm Photo 01-01-2014 08 22 52 pm Photo 01-01-2014 08 22 57 pm Photo 01-01-2014 08 23 01 pm Photo 01-01-2014 08 23 06 pm Photo 01-01-2014 08 23 11 pm Photo 01-01-2014 08 23 16 pm Photo 01-01-2014 08 23 21 pmPhoto 01-01-2014 08 23 26 pmPhoto 01-01-2014 08 23 32 pmPhoto 01-01-2014 08 23 42 pm




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