Interactivity Project

Aim: Is to create an interactive merchandise for our world.

What is it? Intellectual Property, someone’s/company’s idea, something someone has the rights to.

Example – Star Wars, Batman and Super Mario etc.

It is rights – legal rights that name a particular company ownership of the merchandise or product they have created.

By Law it protects the original creator as ownership to the idea.

Can Be….





Theme Parks / Theme park rides

For this project we were asked to look at our world and see how we could make it interactive.

Can be any form of interactive idea.

Base it upon technology that exists.

Think of audience it is for.

For Thursday 12th December, we were asked to present our ideas for the project of interactivity. We are to create a single slide presentation as a group, 2mins long.

Questions we must answer:

What is it?

What does it do?

Who is it for?

My team and I began discussing ideas for a possible interactive product/merchandise of our world; we thought of the idea of incorporating both the Typography project and Interactive project. This seemed to be an acceptable idea because our tutors said we could if we wanted to. Our ideas were some sort of interactive storybook, that readers would be able to play along with the story, pushing or swiping the screen; within the interactive storybook we thought it would be nice to have a series of questions that readers would have to answer to see what their animal form would be, as our world involved the characters being experimented on and turned into animals.

We also began to discuss games we had played as kids; some of these were… Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion, Supermario, Rayman Crash Bandicoot etc. This led our ideas to thinking about Level Gaming or escape games. We now plan to research: How to design an interactive game? How to design a product game? Research Game Concept artists? Research sound effects/soundtracks for games.


7fe16efcffafb2142ac439e06239556b 8bit_story 111AD7EB-FF78-1219-3039C9136E25FAD4 550w_gaming_applejack_1 8149CastleOfIllusion_PackFront_XBLA_no-arcade-banner-copy 27928COI Announcement screenshot (5) 57071-Super_Mario_Bros._2_(USA)_(Beta)-1 080506_physics_donkeykong 080813_disney-animated-announcement-10  2370009-genesis_castleofillusion 9202698_600x338 485689567_screen5 9616469299_2a8fbfd8d5_o

bf418cf9c7af6393ccbaa14db66162314e95a508 - Copy CastleOfIllusion - Copy castle-of-illusion - Copy Castle-of-Illusion-Remake-logo-600x300 - Copy castle-of-illusion-starring-mickey-mouse-1 - Copy Castle-of-Illusion-Starring-Mickey-Mouse-Wallpaper-002 - Copy castle-of-illusion-starring-mickey-mouse-xbox-360-1378230178-064 - Copy

Development of Interactive Product

We finally decided that computer game based products were an obvious theme for this assignment. We decided to go for a different route, in Trading Card merchandising. We also had an idea to combine our Typography project with our Interactivity Project; we decided to create a magazine for the trading cards, and design an internet web page.

The magazine would feature news feeds, and development updates with the brand of the Eco Warriors’ trading cards, and the rules of how to play the game, would be found in the instruction page.

The webpage would be a step further with the magazine, it would be a place where players can interact with other players, in a multi-verse gaming experience. Players can get in contact both by the magazine or online, they can give feedback of new trading cards and also make suggestions for future development on the game; e.g. players can draw on a layout page (found in the magazine) for their own card design and post to the company; these design will then be developed and printed in the new issues.

Our estimate target audience is primary school kids.


Trading card games reference

AT-01 - Copy

Website design references

We also began thinking/talking about how we would display our product to our target audience; we thought about packaging design and advertising.

Character Cards Design

1465300_10201108196327196_1062413903_n 1476653_10201108192287095_979430206_n

Card Layout


This Character card was an idea we had for the magazine and website, it involved children drawing their own character cards and sending them into the company, and they would make their designs into a card, that would then be put into the next card issue. The children could also win prizes for the best character card and most imaginative character.



Card Package design

poster eco warriors 2

eco warriors poster

Website Design

Children design own cards pages


Interactive World Game

A friend invited me to play a game called Dragon City; I was so inspired by this game that I made design one for the team. In our version the gamer collects animals and the gamer can battle these animals against the minions of Lord Evil.

Lord Evil will even steal any of the animals that the gamer owns; to use for his experiment with, thus creating more minions.


Eco Warriors World Game


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