Cinematography: The Incredibles

The Cinematography of The Incredibles Part 1 & Part 2

The procedure taken to get each animated shot completed is a long and tedious one. Here’s a basic summary to give you a hint of the many steps taken to produce a shot from concept to completion:


Layout & Key Animation

Surfacing, Set Dressing & Final Layout


Shading & Lighting

Invisible lines that lead your eyes.
The rule of thirds comfortably places elements on the screen in a balanced manner, but the nice diagonal lines if the curb helps to unconsciously lead our eyes to the focal point.
See the triangular shape created by the characters’ positions, this is a common method to setup up the characters to use the space on screen more economically, especially when you have a group of characters all facing each other in conversation. Mr. Incredible’s eyeline falls on the cat in the lady’s hands too. Notice all their hats are angled to point to his face, this is all done on purpose, it createsSee below how this simple setup keeps your eyes moving.

Since there’s an obvious size difference in these two characters, showing these over-the-shoulder-shots, but it’s necessary to clearly read their faces and know what the characters are feeling and what they are thinking.

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