Context Project

Research and find a popular film clip, 30/45 sec; choose dialogue from three main characters. Take it out of context, don’t name the clip or characters chosen. Time it to 30/45 sec, exactly: type it up – give it to another group and the next group will film and create an animation, animatic or live action film etc.

Aim: Look for story conveying the context. Not looking for good/beautiful animation – keep it simple. For this project focus more on dialogue and timing the SFX. This project is more on the process of acting/voice acting, and timing the words to fit the timing of the clip.

Research – What is an animated script?

Clip Chosen – (See if you can guess which film it is from?)


Character 1: What is this, sister? Odds Badkins!

Character 2: Farewell, mortal bus boy!

Character 1: Oh, my!

Character 3: What are these? What’s that?

Character 1: Um?

Character 3: What is that?

Character 1: Uh, Hobgoblins?

Character 3: Oh!

All: Oh! Ooh!

Character 4: Bless you.

Character 1: Enough!

Character 3: Uh sister, I’m very confused I… I smell children, but I don’t see children. I… I’ve lost my power!

Character 1: Enough, enough, enough!

Character 3: Sorry.

Character 1: We are Witches! We are evil.

Character 3: Evil.

Character 1: What would mother say if she could see us like this?

Character 3: Oh!

Character 2 & 3: Mother?

Character 5: Mwahahaha!

All: Master!

The script we were given…


Character 1 to character 4: What do you think? This outta be the right kinda place for a tough guy like you!

Character 1: Garbage cans…. Rats Galore! SCRAM! I said TAKE OFF! BEAT IT!

Character 1 to character 3: Let’s go!

Character 3 to character 4: Driver, pull over here.

Character 3 leaves.

What is an animated script? Resource found at

3 Start the script – Here is a good example of script layout.

  • Title
  • Scene – (whenever your characters are in a new location or new set of characters are introduced in a new spot, a new scene begins).
  • Description: add the character’s in the scene, their interactions, and their reactions to what is happening.
  • Dialogue: whatever talk is going on and who is talking.
  • SFX: sound FX you plan on adding later.

Who? Where? What? When? Why? How?

We figured this out to sound like some sort of gangster movie. The dialogue led us to think of it like this because of the American tone of the accent. I guess we all had the same kind of impression because when we sat down to discuss it, we all said exactly the same thing.

The scene we all agreed had a sort of argument scenario to it. We imagined that character 1 was arguing with character 2, who had no dialogue within the piece. We figured character 1 and 2 lived in a rough kind of alley apartment in New York/Manhattan, somewhere between 1920/30’s.

It wasn’t till later we found/discovered that the script came from Breakfast at Tiffany’sstarring Audrey Hepburn. Which was brilliant, we had managed to create and bring the script completely out of context which was what our aim was to achieve.

What we began to do was build on the story; our first idea was to make it comical so we brought the idea of animals into it; we created a range of concept art for the characters, and backgrounds. We had an idea to make character one as a cow, and the story was they were out in the street, arguing about something. We had imagined that they were looking at places to stay, shopping around for a gangster hide out or apartment. The other characters were to be related to farm animals, Bull, sheep and crow. We saw this as not really going farther and were struggled with what would be the end/climax of the piece. That’s when I suggested a character design of a cat instead of a cow; we agreed that it was a much simpler design to work with, as the cow was a bit of a challenge to create as an appealing character that the audience would believe fitted into that environment. Cats seemed to be a good idea, because as one member said they convey a strange sense of mischief and devious characteristic.

This changed the whole story structure; we began seeing it as an argument within their apartment, that the cat character was fed up with her cat partner who was a gangster; and they were arguing about life in the slums. This, one member said, made it comical, especially when she shouts at the rats in the alleyway from the window, because it takes on the idea of cat and rat conflict.

Character 3 and 4 stayed as a sheep and crow; as Character 3’s design fitted into the trend of the 1920/30’s really well, her wool we had designed to be like some sort of fashionable clothing which she would wear.

The Style we choose was 1920/30’s film noir and the fashion of the 1920’s/30’s.

Theme: Black and white, gangster, splashes of red (to suggest blood), city scape, smoky area.

Story Board

Character Designs

Photo 05-12-2013 08 08 55 pm

Photo 05-12-2013 08 09 14 pm

Photo 05-12-2013 08 09 38 pm

Photo 05-12-2013 08 09 50 pm Photo 05-12-2013 08 10 21 pm

Photo 06-12-2013 05 47 20 pm

Photo 06-12-2013 10 16 48 am

Photo 06-12-2013 10 51 17 am

Photo 06-12-2013 11 24 49 am

Photo 06-12-2013 11 53 04 am Photo 06-12-2013 12 28 46 pm



Scene Stills

argument scene1

argument scene1

argument scene3

argument scene5

argument scene7

argument scene9

argument scene10

argument scene12

argument scene14

car lift scene

car lift scene2

catwalk scene3

catwalk scene4




garbage can

Rat scene

Rat scene2

Rat scene4

Rat scene5

Rat scene8

Rat scene9

Rat scene9

Rat scene10

Rat scene12

Rat scene13

Rat scene14

rats pop out


Movie  Poster/Banner Design

Like Some Other Men Do Poster

Influences: Clarabelle Cow, Jessica Rabbit – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Betty Boop, Cruella De Vile, Miss Piggy, Good Fellas, An American Tale, Rango, Sin City, Godfather, Funny Animal Animation, Home on the Range, Gun Crazy and Paperman, also inspiration for background came from animation called Pegassus.

Animatic Context project feedback

We were given feedback on our animatic from our tutor; this is what was said….

  • Could not understand the character’s voice as it was too fast, and high pitched
  • In the shot where she throws the flower pot and then she walks to the car it looks like the pot is being thrown on her own head. We should have shown it hitting the rats, or rats scuttling off.
  • We needed a sound for her heels walking off
  • He could not understand where the male cat was and how he got up to the roof; he didn’t realize the roof was a roof.
  • We didn’t need to show the clock, we could have shown the male cat looking at his watch
  • We needed to show the male cat on top of one of the buildings when the sheep gets shot, as you cannot see him.
  • When sheep gets out of car she is at the wrong side of the road
  • However, on a positive note, he said he didn’t expect it to be animated and we have done a lot of work for the time we had to do it, he said we were smart doing it in that time period and he really liked the style. Basically we had problems with the continuity of shots and some trouble with sound.  He wants us to work on that in our future projects.

(Sorry about the audio, will be fixed soon as possible.)


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