Creative Elements: Create A World (Part 4)

Jellyfish World: Features a spaceship Jellyfish World, that wanders the oceans.

The team and I wanted to take this idea and expand on it further we had to create a story for the world as they was hardly any evidence of one from the previous teams. Our aim for this project was to create a 90 sec animatic which would include 200 drawings and storyboard post it notes. Our goal for the project is to focus on time, if we use music, sound effects or analog within this animatic it therefore must follow a precise time; keeping a flow within the story of the animatic.

My team were greatly influenced by the Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time shows for our animatic; we therefore sought to interpret a similar style to our animatic that resembled those shows.

Storyboard Influences tumblr_m59756b7h71r59fvyo1_1280thunderball totoroStoryboard1 VertigoStoryboardsRedwoodstumblr_md8s227cgJ1r59fvyo1_1280 TFVertigoStoryboardsstoryboard_009storyboard_005stor2 stor2 spiritedawaysb04Scene 112 Scene 86 storyboards 01 scene 17 page 2 reubencdodd_baba_yagas_hut sb-01 SB-04 Martha_storyboard LordoftheRings006Kitten_storyboardJeffrey-Errico-Akira-storyboardimages enhanced-buzz-20721-1381268137-5 Eli Fight Scene AdventureTime_StryBrdTEST_ethanclarke4_dragged_8.jpg-thumb_nar 201201171402 8148722039_2d17b6422e 7515269552_6d82f4410c_b7298613678_e6ccd866cb Ponyo: The Original Storyboards by Hayao MiyazakiPonyo: The Original Storyboards by Hayao Miyazaki Ponyo: The Original Storyboards by Hayao Miyazaki 3228342px-IslaCrucesFightStoryboard2 18 16 13_600hgt 5 2e70ce82f00728ab6ce6fca39577b381_large 02 1spiritedawaysb04Scene 112 Scene 86 storyboards 01 scene 17 page 2 SB-04 sb-01

The Saga of Rex was a big influence in the development of the story; it provided us with our idea of using animals and the Evil Overlord, we had originally decided to have the Evil Overlord capturing animals to experiment on. We later decided to add heroes, known as the Eco Warriors, who save the animals. The story then developed to be that the Evil Overlord captured us to experiment with, and gave us our super powers. We wanted to create a story that was comical, and we also decided to take the idea away from underwater worlds and set in within the ship itself. Story Summary:

Just a little extension to the story and an introduction to the human female aboard the Aliens Eco Crew ship.

Meanwhile another craft descended onto the planet and quietly moved towards the large bulbous bell of the ship, which was collecting the creatures from the planets surface. Inside this ship sat six humanoids and an animal of some sort. A young human girl, Moonchild Flowers, was busy lacing up her black military style boots with daisies painted on them while her fellow eco warriors adjusted their weapons. Their current leader, Actaeon, was a large creature with black quills covering his head and spine. His square jaw also had some of these quills scattered over it but he tended to trim them. Actaeon was busy charging his plasma stunner while he waited for his team. They had formulated a plan the previous night where by they could infiltrate the Over Lords ship and rescue some of the innocent creatures he was collecting for himself. This plan relied on Moonchild being able to subtly infiltrate the ship with out any of the minions becoming aware of her presence. All of the crew were beginning to doubt the reliability of this plan as Moonchild sang under her breath, “The bunny goes around the tree, through the hole, then pops out the other side beautiful and bold.” The Only other female aboard the ship was a small furry creature with long white hair and a black tufted tail. Her legs were somewhat short and her knuckles touched the ground to help keep her balanced. Her name was Magnild and she alone would be accompanying Moonchild aboard the Overlords craft. She glared at the human from underneath her fringe, she was unhappy about having to look after the girl but then the girl was useful in other areas and had to be protected, unfortunately Magnild was simply the one best suited to act as body guard.  (above is a story summary written by a team member) The idea for the story was based around the team as characters within it, being experimented by a Evil Overlord Scientist and his pet sea pig named Gertrude. Once he has changed us into half animal humans with super powers, he soon pursue us to take them back. The characters (the team) want a cure and venture back to the Evil Overlord to get the cure; once there they discover his plans to take their powers for his own and they soon get into a fight. After the fight they escape and decide to keep their powers to use for the forces of justice. Hence they become the Eco Warriors. We came to a conclusion that the story was taking far too long to explain, and with a time limit of 90 secs, we really needed to shorten down some of the events that occur in the story. What we agreed on creating for our animatic was a 90 sec opening sequence as though this was an animatic for a pilot tv show. These were some early concepts and ideas for the world. 

In the story the heroes come across a earlier abandoned experiment of the Evil Overlord. They soon take this creature as a pet, and call him Yukky. Yukky is a rubbish, smelly creature; he can stretch his body and stick to anything; he also can eat things ten times his sizes.

We decided to base the characters of our story upon ourselves; this way we knew each others characteristic and personalities; and it therefore became easier to create the characters and understand them better.

action titlebackground scenes3

background scenes2

background scenes

These were reference photos we took for the animatic. They provided as good reference for the action poses we wanted to interpret for scene in our animatic.


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