Creative Elements: Create A World (Part 3)

From the previous team’s concepts for the Create A World project we brought the two together and thought about what kind of a story these concepts were trying to show. We came to the conclusion that this was a voyage to the centre of the sea story. Quite likeJourney to the Center of the Earth, The Seven Voyages of SinbadHomer’s Odyssey2,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Atlantis.

We also talked about Star Wars, because one of the concepts suggested this idea, for one creature to eat a ship and a bigger creature to eat the first one. We even looked to cinematography as inspiration for our story and concepts.

Alfred Hitchcock, North By Northwest

For one of the scenes, North by Northwest provided a good basis as to how to lay out our idea, where the creature chases the ship.

Star Wars

This video provided inspiration for one of our scenes in our story. We expanded on it, so that one creature tries to eat the ship and another larger one comes along to eat that creature.

enchanted_dragon_by_Jd1680a dragon-from-avatar-avatar-the-movie-9458950-1500-625 eragon_13_large 021how_to_train_your_dragon_art_03 haku gringotts_dragon-harry-potter-quentinlebegue-blogspot ghidorah1-1024 ab625625db431921001f6ecbb20725ef7b922f3.pjpg how-to-train-your-dragon-movie-image-1

For the creature’s design we looked to cinema dragons for inspiration. What we wanted to create was a caricatured style for our concepts, as though they would develop into an animated movie or game.

stage 1 stage 2 stage 3

These were the various stages to create the concept of a scene in the story that we had all discussed; the idea was based upon Star Wars, where one creature tries to eat the ship and is eaten by another bigger creature.

how_to_train_your_dragon_concept_art_18 how_to_train_your_dragon_concept_art_22 how_to_train_your_dragon_concept_art_shane_prigmore_01 how_to_train_your_dragon_location_04

Our inspiration for the style of the Create A  World came from Nico Marlet, concept designer for How to Train Your Dragon.


Another concept artist who inspired the creature design was Kei Acedera, Art Director. What sprung to mind was the idea of coral for the creature’s horns, and that it blended in with its environment.

1376009_10200831810257717_1227372921_n LGW.snapper-side

I found this image of some under water creature that I thought looked interesting for the idea of the creature design.  This image reminded me of Kei Acedera’s concepts as seen above. I also looked to the snapping turtle as inspiration for the creature’s skin texture; I also felt that the snapping turtle reminded me of a dragon, and looked interesting and menacing.

This book provided the perfect means of understanding cinematography; our aim for this project was to create concept art with a cinematic effect/style. We had been asked to think of composition and colour, but, also how it would play in with the story. We had to imagine moments within the story; and then visualize how the scene for that story would appear on screen. So we had to think about the camera angles and position of our characters within the scene.

THE STORY – Our story is set in a world under the sea, it is a story about a father and his ill daughter, who is going to die unless he can take a journey to find a cure. He take an expedition under the sea, and is chased by a creature deeper into a pit, where he is lost for days, and as his oxygen is getting lower, he begins to hallucinate about his daughter; the hallucination guides him safely back to safety. We think that the cure is located in the belly of the creature, or that the creature guards the cure like a dragon guards its treasure.

1422441_665873456780786_580143218_n 1453546_665873600114105_668806049_n 1454602_665873516780780_80343638_n

12677_10151859521804842_1609497366_n 935118_666459046722227_1503431289_n 1393272_10151751152300954_497957666_n 1395385_10151859660609842_217360648_n 1420656_10151751944515954_676185967_n 1424574_10151859896114842_1704704454_n

world entity colour action scenes

551305_10200853743646038_622841831_n 1453496_10200853751246228_781349560_n

Plan out of some colour and scenes. The colours we chose for our concepts were murky and shadowy, light plays an important role in our story as the creatures and the ship provide the light source for the dark and dank underwater world. Blues , greens and hints of  purple were the colours we chose; also for the scene in which the father hallucinates about his daughter, we wanted to use bright colours to suggest a mirage; this scene is very dark and so, yellows, white and golden colours were used to establish the scene.

Father and daughter

sea monsters

world entity colour action scenes 2

monster chase

Our underwater world was to be a dark and murky place to live, the creatures had to blend within their environment as the predators stalking their prey. The only light would come through their eyes, and for one creature a pouch on its belly provided a light source. The ship in which the father is cruising needed to have light to be able to find its way through the darkened world.


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