Creative Elements: Create A World (Part 2)

With the new project my new team and I faced a difficult problem; we were given a world with a very strange appearance and design, it was a galaxy based on a water drop and reflection in the ripples; the idea was that this was a world with a parallel world, and that every time it passed through a horizon point it was destroyed and the world reproduced itself all over again. This would happen at the end of every cycle. There was also the idea of two suns, one fire the other ice, this is where it got a bit confusing for us. We first got the impression that the world rotated around and once it went through one of the suns they would be destroyed, only to come out of the other side to begin the cycle of evolution again. We asked the previous team about their idea and were told it was the horizon point that would destroy the world, and once it passed through it would then go back to evolution/ reproduce its world again. It was very confusing to start off with, and we tossed and turned over our ideas to build on it, till we all finally decided to go a different route for the design of the world; but, to keep to the spirit of the initial idea. We kept the idea of two suns; one would be a red dwarf sun and the other a normal sun; we then looked at a piece of animation that a team member had suggested and this gave us our inspiration to turn the world into a world made entirely of metal; that the creature would build and build and that there came a time in life when the building got too much and the world would collapse and be sucked into a ray of white light. With this we had another idea that we added to it, that there was one creature that had a timer and would know exactly when the world would end, so he would freeze time/ slow time, and had a limited amount of time to save the world. These events were a constant loop and would happen again and again, hence the idea of the previous team that was reproducing/redeveloping of the world. Our idea is that even though this reoccurs a lot, there is one day that this creature is destined not to save that world. This came from an idea another team member suggested about the Aztecs/Mayan Calender; there is a certain date when the world will come to an end.








For our idea we researched a lot of artists/ digital artists’ works; we found some interesting ideas that helped us to develop our own concepts for this project. We even found some interesting pieces of models and this influenced our ideas for how the creatures would look. Our idea is that the creatures are made of metal and have flesh; or, they are creatures that wear armour/ are controlled by robot armour. The armour would be made by the same metal as the planet.



These were some references we took of demolished buildings. They provided the basis of inspiration for the concepts of our world; we had talked about building/ demolishing as the time is frozen or in slow motion. We imagined this one creature as a time keeper travelling through many obstacles, to reach his goal.

world pieces grey world sucked into light concept grey world destruction grey scale World action concept greyscale robotmanconcept grey

With the tonal concepts the team and I wanted to capture the sense of the frozen in time setting we had placed our character in. We played a lot with grey tones, considering the contrast of light and dark tones. Our world began in an apocalyptic/Armageddon, it was the struggle of this lone cyborg that was to venture into this vast destructive world, that had been frozen in time. The problem was how would we capture this sense of motion, how could we create scenes that would represent our idea? We managed to think of ideas of pieces of building scattered about the sky, and our hero skipping along them as though he were building a path for himself to get past obstacles, as he ventured to the core of the problem with the world.

What we also had to think about was perspectives within this world, how would the inhabitants of the world fit within their environment and adapt to its climate, seasons, vegetation etc. What would their living conditions be within the world and how would they survive any obstacles?

With our metal world the team really knew that the world would be heavy; we picked one of the world’s strongest metals as reference, Osmium; this would explain how the metal world would eventually collapse in its Apocalypse, etc.  If we were to have two suns within our world, which did come up in conversation, and two moons, these two elements would therefore change the tides of that world sea and the shadows would alter.

Destruction of buildings ideas concepts world pieces World action concept building designs Concept test 1 world destruction Fire and Ice Giants Concepts icefirecreatures Fire Ice World Concepts Ice world Ice World Concept 2

Before we changed the world to a metal world, the previous team had an idea that had a world that was divided into ice and fire; we had to change this theme as it had already been taken by another team. The designs I had made for the fire and ice world I eventually used for ideas in my metal world, shapes etc.

metalic world Caves colour test tomb colour scene metalic world Caves colour test concept world testing colours world destruction

Our final task for this project was to use colour and composition; we found a book calledComposition, by J.M. Paramon, this explained everything about composition and how light and colour help to establish a mood. We were also advised to research Joseph William Turner (The Painter of Light) and watch a presentation video called Gnomon Master Class, Efficient Cinematic Lighting, Jeremy Vickery.

In our world we knew reflection would become a key element to our world, as metal cannot be called so, if it does not have a reflection, mirroring its surroundings.  A team member found a helpful little tutorial about how to paint metal surfaces.

This explained a lot about building  the colour and the purpose to define the shape of a metal object; this method was an interesting way to make the work become more believable and have the images of metal pop-out. However, it still became a challenge that we all found difficult. It wasn’t easy to paint an object that only had grey color tones, we had to find a way of creating mood through light and other colours we all felt established the mood of tension and isolation;  purple is such a dramatic colour in that it seems to strike as menacing or tension, blue establishes more cold and isolated; so by using these colours we managed to capture a mood for our hero’s surrounding, that the viewer could identify.

17768861 Eyvind Earle Sleeping Beauty Concept Painting Disney 1959 image-from-disneys-sleeping-beauty-eyvind-earle tumblr_lqcm38W1DI1qj5qvfo1_500

Eyvind Earle was an interesting artist whom I researched through the development of my work; he became a great influence in my style, and used similar colours to what the team and I were discussing for our concepts. Eyvind Earle is noted for his concept art and creating the style of Disney animated movies. He uses a lot of Low and High key color contrasts, to establish the scene he is trying to present to the viewer.

Eruption_of_Vesuvius_1817 Fishermen at Sea exhibited 1796 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851

Joseph William Turner was another artist that I referred to for influencing my ideas for colour and composition. This artist understood light very well, and I have chosen two pieces that have become my favourite pieces of his works. He was a crazy influential guy who painted mainly landscape, using watercolour and oil; known as the “painter of light”, because he mastered in the art of painting light.


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