Creative Elements: Create A World

Our next project was to create a world; this world could be anything at all. There were endless possibilities which we had suggested. One idea was to create a bum world and the people that lived within that world were “bums” (metaphorically speaking); the people would be a kind of race of being who were “wasters”, and unaccomplished; (and there were also some actual human bums within the world as well, just to make it somewhat comical).

Another idea was to create a vice-versa scenario, where clothes shop for people and fish (go fishing) for humans, weird but, humorous. We were throwing in some pretty good ideas and possibilities, for the world.

Then we started questioning some more intelligent ideas. Sci-fi/fantasy was the root that we finally decided upon, because there was a more logical explanation for it, and it just grew from one member and another suggested possible elements that would work within this kind of world we were imagining. We suggested the idea of a “world within a world”, a hidden world, that was there but no one could find.

With this as the basis/the seed or core element of our world, we began looking at mythology and the world around us. One side of inspiration, was the ocean; this was something I suggested to the team because I have always been interested in underwater life, and it was the prime example of what a hidden world was. The ocean is a vast unknown world, that varies from our own common existence. I went to the library and found a fantastic book called Art Forms in Nature, by Ernst Haeckel. This is a fabulous book with amazing and interesting underwater fauna and flora; when I found this book I brought it to the team and they loved it. Some great ideas and inspirations began to develop.

One Idea was that the underwater world would have tunnels; this idea came from a previous idea of a world with tunnels, that linked with dwarfs in mythology. Then we had another idea that involved a sacred ritual/ spiritual belief from that world; it was a gas that came up from the cracks of the sea bed and consumed the life force of the beings. The creature believed this gas to be a kind of entity/ god-like religious belief to these beings.

Below are some of the concept designs I produced for the world and the creatures/beings that live within the world.

This concept was for the overall appearance of these beings that would live in this world; I took inspiration from what the team had decided on and other concepts that had been produced. This was the first of the actual structure of the beings’ form and shape. The head was inspired by what we had suggested, and the concepts I had seen from another member; so, I took their ideas into consideration for this piece.

My biggest inspiration for the design of the creature’s structure came from a documentary I had watched a while ago; but, I have forgotten what it was called, though I do remember that it was an explanation, or investigation/ theory of how, if humans were to be like fish or birds, what certain shapes and forms we would have to have. Our physical appearance would be far different, if for instance we were to live underwater, most of our muscle structure would be found in our legs and arms; we would have to have a lean swimmer body, for agility to be able to change direction in water.

Mainly the most power would come from our legs, which would be flipper shaped, for speed and agility. The same principles would be for if humans could fly; however, our chests would be huge and masculine, our lungs would have to be big enough to hold in helium to allow us to make flight, just as birds do. Our bones would be light, and our power would come from our wings/arms.

Knowing about these theories, taken from what I had watched/heard on that documentary, I wanted the beings to have a logical and believable structure and form.

This was a concept design for the look of the world underwater; we researched a lot of undersea flora; and thought: what the buildings would be? what would these creatures build with?

For the creature we looked at lots of fish and marine mammals to get an idea of how they would look. The next problem we faced was what these creatures would wear. We came across a book called Art Forms In Nature, by Ernst Haeckel. This began our inspiration for the armour that the creatures would wear. In this book were loads of references to underwater cells and plankton etc; it was full of wonderful sketches of flora that were found under the sea. These ideas and shapes were perfect influence for the buildings and armour. We also looked at samurai warrior armour as a basis for ideas of what kind of style our creatures’ armour would have. For the creatures themselves we referenced from the structure of a giraffe’s (as well as fish and marine mammal anatomy) neck and face; it provided an understanding of their anatomy and helped to draw their faces in different poses. The giraffe also played a part in the influence of the marks on the creatures and the colour of their skin.


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